Adventure trips in Serbia and the Balkans

Adventures in Serbia and the Balkans – Get active on Your Holidays

Deep in our hearts, we all dream of a green and tranquil haven, invigorating by its fresh air and plenty of pure waters, still untouched by the bustling modern life. Welcome to Serbia, the land of eco-treasures, rich in amazing hidden places, cultural sights and well-preserved traditions, before it is changed….. Imagine, being surrounded by the Balkan wonders of nature and heritage gardens dating from the dawn of time, a place where you can freely climb to the awesome peak of the highest mountain in the region. That is why PANACOMP WONDERLAND TRAVEL and national and regional outdoor professionals and associates have designed special selection of exciting soft adventure escapes /which require basic fitness level/ and inspiring adventurous vacations in Serbia and the Balkan region, striving to increase regional economic growth through ecotourism, invite and encourage people to connect, and to preserve the natural environment and to introduce them to biodiversity.

Travelers with varied desires and sense of adventure are invited 365 days in the year to meet extraordinary experiences in specially selected destinations of Serbia and the Balkans that provide exceptional conditions for magic and memorable travel : moderate walking, hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, abseil, canyoning, canoe riding, rock climbing, stand-up-paddling, paragliding, rafting, winter rafting, show shoeing, jeep safari, quad riding, ATV riding, fly fishing, camping, sailing, horseback riding along the mountain trails or beach, caving, bear watching, bird watching....

Miraculous landscapes of the Balkans, vast spaces of intact nature and beautiful scenery of the area are the assets this territory is famous for. Still, you will not get familiar with all its beauty if you only lay back and enjoy the view from your terrace, delicious gastronomic specialties or warm smiles of your hosts. Take some of the designed routes or trails or ask for a special tour for you, that will take you through the hidden places of the region’s gorgeous mountains, dense forests, steep canyons and clean rivers. Taste the different flavors experiencing tremendous Serbia and the Balkans…



PANACOMP WONDERLAND TRAVEL offers wonderful opportunities for challenging multi-active adventures to remote eco and wildlife areas of Serbia and the Balkans, which combine the extreme human emotions, nature challenges and passionate fun, providing one to experience the unexpected, discover beauties of Serbia and hospitality of its people, while trekking along the vast and stunning mountainous landscapes and endless pastures, meadows and thick beech and pine forests of Stara Planina Mountain and Tara Mountain, climbing the steep sides of Djerdap National Park and Ovcar-Kablar Gorge, riding a bicycle along the most striking parts of the mighty Danube course, while racing on jeeps and quads along the hardly accessible terrains of Divcibare and Povlen Mountains, while riding a wild – or semi wild – horses along the scented meadows of Golija and Jadovnik Mountains, while taking a boat or raft or canu along the emerald Drina and Lim Rivers, while enjoying call of the wild and freedom on Javor and Cemerno Mountains, while observing the fearless fly of the extinct predator bird – griffin vulture in the breathtaking Uvac Canyon, while experiencing rebirth of your creative energy in tiny Kamena Gora hamlet, collecting various restorative medicinal herbs – Mint, Thymine, St John, Mil-foil, Dandelion, Lemon Balm, Valerian and forest fruits – Blueberry, Blackberry, Wild Strawberry, Juniper, Mushrooms….within the ample forests of Zlatar, Rtanj and Goc Mountains, gliding by balloon from peaks of Tupiznica Mountain, while competing in Serbian shepherd games in Homolje area and hidden sleepy villages of Suva Planina Mountain, enjoying the encounter with cheery and open-minded and simple-hearten highlanders of Pester Plateau…. and simply feel well !


Serbia and the Balkans welcome adventurers to explore undiscovered destinations in wilderness for inevitable rebirth of your creative energy. The Balkan Mountains offer keen walkers a series of trails through a diverse landscape that is dotted with tiny villages that brim with traditional hospitality. A land where time stands still evidenced by the old water mills that are still in operation and the use of centuries old methods to produce local specialties such as “rakia” (brandy), wild berry jams and Balkan brine cheese. Surrounding the villages are immense beech and juniper forests, alpine meadows carpeted with flowers, high ridges with endless views and lush river valleys. During our outdoor walks and treks there is ample opportunity to experience these highlights while on foot, and at night you’ll soak up the warm welcome in specially chosen hotels and guesthouses. There are variety of challenges in the Balkans awaiting you : thick woods spectacularly pleasant for walks, sparkling waterfalls and crystalline springs, highlights and rugged cliffs populated with griffin vultures, breathtaking mountainous views and monumental landscapes overlooking picturesque but wild landscapes, adrenaline and challenging white water rafting, memorable folklore and spirit of local people…

Endeavor level is categorized as: easy,  medium, heavy and extreme.

Your exclusive joy culminates in Serbia and the Balkans, and you simply take the advantage of well-being ! PANACOMP WONDERLAND TRAVEL adventures are also famous for its superb home made food and unforgettable “šljivovica” /plum brandy/ or authentic juices served directly from gardens and original wines grown by celebrated producers…


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