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PANACOMP ZEMLJA CUDA Srbija – PANACOMP WONDERLAND TRAVEL Serbia is 100% Serbian owned, independent inbound tour operator – DMC and PCO for Serbia and the Balkans with the seat in Novi Sad. The Panacomp Company has been established in 1992 by dedicated travel professionals with invaluable decades-long tourism background in the KOMPAS JUGOSLAVIJA Travel System. In 2009 the company was restructured with strong commitment to climate, social and ethical accountability and that we must preserve and protect natural, cultural and intangible heritage and turn it into amazing attractions for visitors, proud of our new corporate identity.

The name of Panacomp zemlja čuda – Panacomp Wonderland Travel comes from our firm opinion that Serbia is truly a country of wonders. Throughout the years we have passed through memorable and extensive development processes of continued successes and intense research on destinations and clear positioning in the market. Through difficulties and challenges we grew stronger and highly experienced, constantly safeguarding both the clients’ and traveller’s and the organisation’s interests, and bringing all stakeholders together to deliver an unique experience. The more time passes more operators are transforming in machines behind the phone/internet. What clients like the most is that when they mail or call us – they comunicate and speak with real people in any communication that remain professional. Besides safe feeling for clients’ requirements and inquiries, the human touch is of utmost importance, because clients know that we are LISTENING!

Today Panacomp zemlja cuda – Panacomp Wonderland Travel Serbia aims to respond to the new era of the tourism sector by up-skilling digital knowledge, boosting innovative sustainable ideas and solutions, and fostering cross-border and cross-sectoral partnerships. Challenging prevailing mindsets made us recognized to quickly and honestly respond to market dynamics by our specialization in tour packages-travel arrangements and MICE /Meetings, Incentives, Conventions & Exhibitions/ in Serbia and the flavorful Balkans.

Since 2016 Panacomp zemlja cuda – Panacomp Wonderland Travel Serbia joined and is a franchise member of the Lufthansa City Center, and since 2019 member-founder of the Association of Incoming Travel Agencies – URA. In 2019 our travel agency was recognized as the Top performer of the Lufthansa City Center global network which stands for our credible, competent and amazing commitment. The same quality recognition for Panacomp Wonderland Travel Serbia as Top Performer followed in 2020. As of 2021 Panacomp Wonderland Travel reached the Top Performer Seal of 2021 – the LCC Seal of Quality which is the highest possible level in the Commitment & Quality Monitoring 2021 given by the LCC Headquarters to all LCC Top Performers. It stands for credibility, competence and our commitment to the LCC network.

Our comprehensive research, consistent product development, perfect destinations knowledge, 24-hour customer support, continuous support to contractors and tireless monitoring and improvement of quality, enabled us to a partner today with a superior travel network of more than 3500 national and regional affiliates, service providers and local suppliers /hotels, restaurants, transporters, congress and conference venues, equipment rentals, stand constructors, technicians, interpreters, catering services, museums, galleries, national and nature parks, artisans, boarding houses, rural tourist households, farmer’s green markets, wineries, souvenir workshops, handwork providers, festivals, folklore ensembles, music bands, highly experienced expert tour guides, trekking and mountaineering guides, boat navigators, rafters, entertainers..../ that make us a wonderful consultant for both planning and arranging a memorable trip or a smooth event in Serbia and the Balkans.

PANACOMP WONDERLAND TRAVEL LCC SERBIA is seriously and sincerely dedicated to customers’ preferences and satisfaction, so our focus is on giving each and every client personalized attention and our priority is the fulfillment of customers’ expectations, demands, wishes, needs and experiences! We lobby for the simple travel rule: If you think it is expensive to hire a professional – wait until you hire an amateur! We find our inbound and MICE businesses greatly patriotic and economically supportive businesses, which our clients and customers well recognize. We know very well the economic situation of our country and our profession, and thus constantly strive to improve it by doing our business the best we can, providing customers with the international quality of services for the much lower costs, in the current extremely difficult conditions and challenges we face.

PANACOMP WONDERLAND TOURS encompass a range of niches, including small group tours, adventure and nature-based travel, eco- and agri- tourism, cultural and heritage travel in Serbia and the Balkans, managed on the inquisitive customers satisfaction and our own, committed to doing what is right and honourable as responsible and trusted Destination Specialist. Our unique tour packages and itineraries feature hand-picked accommodations, natural parks and destinations of exceptional cultural legacy and exciting spirits. We find that successful tours and events require dynamic accuracy and extensive knowledge and professional experience, which is the way we operate and monitor the services we provide. Our’s and our selected associates’ local presence means we can easily operate and navigate the most complex travel itineraries, support and logistics.

As trusted and reliable destination/s specialists, PANACOMP WONDERLAND TRAVEL LCC Serbia is committed to doing what is right and honourable, focused on creating a more caring civil society through empathy, simultaneous enhancement of cultural and natural heritage, constantly lobbying for young generations in our profession, and maximizing social and economic benefits for the local community, ensuring that we create an expectation in our customers that we can reliably deliver. We can offer unique travel experiences throughout the Western Balkans!

As we entered 2009 we have reorganized our company into PANACOMP ZEMLJA CUDA – PANACOMP WONDERLAND TRAVEL and at present acts with four apparent core businesses of ours :

In today’s world of technology, more than ever, knowledge is key to organizational excellence and thus we endeavour to focus on constant improvement of the level of travel products & services we deliver. Under the slogans ‘Knowledge is power and implemented Knowledge is Freedom‘, and ‘a study trip for travel leaders’, Panacomp Wonderland Travel LCC Serbia provides practical and creative travel consultancy and representation, support and training contents programs to national and regional public organizations, government employees and private sector industries like local suppliers – accommodations, guides, transport companies. All is favor of customer-centred orientation and corporate vision of fulfilling dream through travel satisfying customers full of emotion.
Our business philosophy was awarded in 2012 with the prestigious „Tourist Flower”, the highest award in tourism in the Republic of Serbia, granted by the National Tourist Organization of Serbia, aimed to enhance the improvement and development of inbound tourism and prize those who have distinguished themselves in quality of tourist offer of Serbia.

In 2020 the entire team is recognized as the Top Performer for reaching the highest possible level in the Commitment & Quality Monitoring 2020. Due to the special circumstances, the monitoring was slightly reduced and only two pillars were actively taken into consideration: 1. Punctual payment 2. LCC Facts&Data 100% filled out. The LCC Seal of Quality is a standard logo that is given by the LCC Headquarters to all LCC Top Performers 2020. This cannot be individualized, modified, copied or used in a misleading way. It stands for credible, competent and committed to the LCC network.

Our focus on inbound and MICE tourism in Serbia is achieved by an overwhelmingly diligent, efficient, positive and dedicated PANACOMP WONDERLAND TRAVEL team which had created exquisite customer care culture. We are Old School in regard with quality standards and promptly and thoughtfully respond to requests bcs the common courtesy dictates that all inquiries should have a response as a professional business practice. Our corporate culture is based on fairness and respect, which make us constantly analyze performance to fuel future success. Day by day we earn trust in the market and aim to continually improve our business and achieve sustainable excellence in all we do, as our young dedicated team exceeds the founders. Young generations have the potential to be proactive engines of innovation and become change-makers in their local communities. Our skillful, creative and professional staff of high levels of personal energy is keen to offer efficient assistance in planning and arranging successful events and unbeatable incentives, exciting cultural tours or educational and adventure trips, for many leading international travel companies and tour operators, corporate and academic groups and VIPs. In time we are known as the right source of skilled and qualified travel professionals and staff source, due to our huge educators’ capabilities.

Since 2014 Panacomp Wonderland Travel is a member of the DCC /Danube Competence Center, and in 2017 we joined the YUTA /National Association of travel agents of Serbia/ as a member of the incoming section. Also, we have joined the Lufthansa City Center International as a franchise member, because we find the global LCC network the most prestigious international travel family that provides the diligent and responsible and dynamic LCC members and travel partners ENDLESS collaboration options to combine our qualifications and knowledge into successful businesses. Lufthansa City Center is a diverse network and global community that is home to over 90 different cultures and nationalities, which we want to partner with. In 2017 we also gained the CompanyWall business credibility partner recognition. Panacomp Wonderland Travel is since 2019 member-founder of the URA Association of Incoming agencies of Serbia, and also registered in the Register of Suppliers – Register of Bidders of the APR – Serbian Business Registers Agency.

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PANACOMP Zemlja Čuda – Wonderland Travel is Travel Agency – Tour Operator – DMC – PCO specialized in Congresses, Conventions, Events, Air tickets, Business Travel, Team Building, Motivation Trips, Guca and Exit Festivals etc, Multi Days Cultural Tours, Archaeological Tours, Religious Tours and Pilgrimages, Wine Tours, City Tours, Transfers, Hotel Booking, Wellness and Spa services, Gastronomic Tours, Rural Tourism, Customized Itineraries, Soft Adventures, Special Interest Tours, Wedding parties, Corporate Events, Bike Tours – Cycling Danube etc, Mountaineering, Trekking, Hiking and Walking Tours to Serbia and the Balkans and numerous amazing and exciting travels for individuals and groups to Serbia, Ex-Yugoslavia, Albania, Bulgaria and Romania …

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We welcome you for your next premium event, highly experiential tour, inspiring holiday and fun in dazzling and picturesque unknown places of Serbia and the Balkans to explore its immense cultural heritage and experience its unique customs. Call us or email us to get a complimentary proposal for your next memorable travel experience or a successful event in Serbia and the Balkans!

Contact: Ivanka Tasić, Owner and  Jadranka Petrović, Director

Emergency non stop assistance 365/7/24 :   +381 63 529435 Ivanka, +381 63 549317 Jadranka

Our 24 x 7 lines are open and we are ensuring that our team is working at full capacity to support you by handling urgent amendments, cancellations and refund requests, guaranteeing maximum transparency and understanding, acceptance, trust and reduction of insecurity within our services.

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