Brestovacka Banja Spa

Brestovacka Banja Spa

The Brestovačka Banja Spa – Brestovac Spa is located some 10 km from the Bor Lake, and 280 km southeast of Belgrade. The Brestovačka Banja Spa is famous for its 10 springs of mineral water with gentle sulfur and oligo-mineral features and the temperature from 20 to 41°C. Curative thermal waters of the Brestovacka Banja Spa have been used since the ancient times for healing degenerative illnesses of spinal cord and peripheral joints, inflammatory and rheumatoid diseases, central and peripheral nerve system diseases, skin and mucous inflammation, chronically obstetrics diseases, general illnesses and fatigue. 

The Brestovacka Banja Spa is famous for clean mountainous air, as well for rich history and well preserved structures from the 19th century. The Banjsko Polje is a place in the Brestovac Banja Spa at the elevation of 400 meters lovely situated in wonderful pine forest at the foot of the Crni Vrh Mountain, some 8 km away from the Bor Lake. The climate of Brestovačka Banja Spa is temperate continental, with the mountainous influence of sub-alpic climate and with 200 sunny days a year.

Natural curative factors of the Brestovacka Banja Spa: 10 springs thermo-mineral water temperature of 32 to 42 ° C. The water of the Brestovacka Banja Spa is rich with kalium, calcium, sodium, magnesium, iron oxides, aluminum, silicon, chlorine, iodine, bromine, phosphate, nitrate, manganese, zinc, fluoride and other ingredients. Brestovacka Banja Spa is surrounded by the centenary forests covering surface of about 90 hectares and magnificent environment of tiny Pujica River. Medical indications of the Brestovac Banja Spa: Rheumatism, consequences of violation of surgical intervention on the locomotive device, chronic occupational diseases and poisoning, heavy metals, neuron-vegetative Dystonia.

Places to see: Knjaz Milos 170 years ago came to the spa and built konak that is now museum. The castle was built in 1856. by Prince Alexander of Yugoslavia. King Peter I of Yugoslavia was in 1905. year built the first house and bathrooms, and 1906. was opened the first hotel “Izletnik” and it is the oldest hotel in Serbia. This spa is one of three spas in the court which were both members of the both Serbian dynasties : Obrenović and Karađorđević dynasties. Since of spa is 38km away and the archaeological site from Roman times – Felix Romuliana.

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