Zlakusa rural household Terzica avlija 090

Zlakusa rural household Terzica avlija 090

Zlakusa is tiny village located in Djetina River valley, between Uzice /13km/ and Pozega /10km/ on the northern slopes of the Dreznica Gradina Mountain. Zlakusa village features Serbian traditional issues to compete with other rural-eco places in Europe, among which is surely the Terzica avlija traditional settlement, the open air and indoor museum and the Ethno Park. The home-place of former poor Zlatibor ceramics potters, through which passed the Turkish caravans for centuries, is is nowadays turned into an amazing traditional tourist attraction, which is must see. This tiny village at the altitude of 340 meters, surrounded with peak of Dreznicka Gradina – 932 meters is spread between the Potpec field and the beautiful Petnica stream and entirely surrounded by beautiful mountain slopes /Terzic’s Cliff 650 meters, Borovnjak 670 meters and Joco’s Hill 760 meters high/ until the Gradina peak that is the highest point of the village itself and the whole area. There are several water-mills in Zlakusa village, along the Petnica stream to refresh anyone with their sprinkling waters and magic freshness, as well as numerous fishponds rich in river trout.

The peaceful village of Zlakusa provides variety of rare surprises and delights for its visitors : fresh air in heart of the pure nature, preserved customs and respect for culture, handwork and old crafts workshops, especially well-developed and genuinely performed by more than 30 devoted local ceramics manufacturers /widely famous Zlakusa potters/, dewy woods full of mushrooms, fragrant meadows rich in wild-strawberries and medicinal herbs, surrounded by fruitful raspberry orchards and full honeybee-keepers, organic fresh vegetables of premium taste, unlimited natural potentials for outdoor activities, such are climbing the surrounding mountains or exploration of the nearby  Potpec Pecina Cave... Visitors can surely relax in friendly chat with enthusiastic local hosts who welcome them with smile and serve delicious Uzice plum-brandy or homemade fruits juice, fantastic cheese, kaymak and smoked ham, fruit jelly-sweets, corn bread /proja/, cabbage casserole and other Serbian dishes /slowly cooked in ceramic pots, what greatly contribute to their unbeatable flavors and memorable taste/ ….or make them enjoying the Guca trumpet Festival brass-players /winners/ playing virtuously their instruments conducted by famous young master Veljko Ostojic. A special thrill and unique pleasure for every visitor is folklore program performed by members of “Moj zavicaj” /My Home-land/ Ensemble, composed of all-ages villagers and followed by music played on traditional Serbian instruments. Special part of the program organized in the Terzica avlija Ethno park is folklore performance of the “Zavicaj” /Homeland/ Youth and Adults Folklore Ensembles that gathers several hundreds of wonderfully talented young and middle-aged performers, keen to cherish Serbian culture and eager to have possibility to present their delightful skills and outstanding artistic skills. Sometimes they perform together with the famous brass band of Veljko Ostojić which comes from Zlakusa village and was several times awarded the highest prizes of the Guca Brass Festival…. During their performance guests enjoy /and take part/ in well-preserved customs presentation such are Zlakusa Wedding ceremony, customs of harvesting, Easter and Christmas celebrations, Serbian patron Saint Slava celebration… Along with those interesting activities, Members of the Zavičaj Ensemble of Terzica avlija settlement in Zlakusa village produce more than 180 male and female Serbian traditional costumes of extraordinary quality and beauty, made of authentic fabrics, patterns and decorations, that in Serbia and abroad represent rich and well preserved Serbian heritage, art and craftsmanship. It is not strange that they successfully organize various traditionally held artistic summer schools /paintings, pottery/ and folklore ensemble exchanges, and are warmly received by their fellows in neighboring countries during folklore competitions….   Ethno-park”Terzic’s Yard” is one of the most favorite destinations in PANACOMP programs, thanks to outstanding people who run this place and wonderfully pleasant and interesting attractions that excite our guests and clients.

Famous Terzica avlija traditional settlements has 4 stars accommodation in wooden cottage to rent, surrounded with soft grass and small pines. The cottage is nicely appointed in authentic style with lots of rustic details and elements, and features a comfortable bedroom with king-size bed, lively children room, living room with two separate beds, kitchen, modern bathroom and a cozy balcony for enjoying calm and fresh evenings. This pleasantly furnished and colorful house is premium facility for family vacations due to its comfortable amenities and number of activities awaiting them. Delicious homemade food and drinks are served in the restaurant of the Terzica avlija Traditional Settlement-Park.

Beneath the Terzica avlija cottage for rent there is the small camping with toilets, electricity and showers. The camping of the Terzica avlija Ethno Park is favorite accommodation facility for numerous mountaineers, hikers, campers and bikers who are keen to get rest in this pleasantly arranged eco camp site after exhausting full-day walks along nearby mountain peaks of the Zlatibor county. They find this place especially suitable, as they can get fantastic traditional Serbian food here….