Zdrelo Banja Spa

Zdrelo Banja Spa

Zdrelo Spa recreational complex or as it is popularly known today, Mlavske terme is located in the vicinity of Petrovac na Mlavi, 130 km from Belgrade. The exterior of the building is characterized by an unusual architecture that resembles medieval fortresses and this is one of the reasons why Banja Zdrela is today a very popular tourist attraction that attracts a large number of visitors both in summer and winter.

Zdrelo Banja Spa complex consists of a hotel, two semi-open swimming pools and four indoor pools. The warmest and most pleasant water in the indoor pool with slides is 40 degrees. Pools work every day from 10 to 22 h. Thermomineral water located in the pools helps to treat psoriasis and other skin and rheumatic pains.

Zdrelo Banja Spa is characterized by a moderate – continental climate. Its thermal waters have a constant temperature of about 40 degrees throughout the year. Within the pool there is a sauna, jacuzzi, massage tub. Zdrelo Spa also has a small swimming pool with underwater massage and a jacuzzi. Hot water from Zdrelo spa is also used in agriculture for free heating of vegetables in winter conditions in greenhouses.

Within the complex there are restaurants, fast food stalls, mini honey exhibition … so visitors have everything they need for a pleasant stay. Visitors come to Zdrelo Spa mainly weekends because Banja does not have large accommodation capacity.

Near Zdrelo Spa there are important cultural and historical monuments as well as monasteries. The Gornjak Monastery is known from the end of the 14th century. Nearby are the remains of medieval churches Metropolis, Reskovica, Blagovestenje and monastery Vitovnica. On the two banks of the Mlava River are the remains of the medieval city of Zdrelo.