Tutto Hotel Mavrovo Jance village

Tutto Hotel Mavrovo Jance village

The Tutto Hotel is an unique tourist and ecological 3 stars facility in the heart of the Mavrovo National Park, on the west slopes of the picturesque Bistra Mountain, in northwest Macedonia, close to the beautiful Sveti Jovan Bigorski Monastery. The Tutto Hotel in the remote Janche village was born from the dream of a dedicated man working abroad who decided to come back to his village and bring his profession here. The location of the Tutto Hotel in the tiny Janche village /150 inhabitants, elevation ca 780 meters/, in the Mavrovo and Rostushe Municipality provide visitors unique climatic and cultural invigoration and enjoyment in every moment of their stay, throughout the year, as every season has its advantages and features –the panoramic view over the wild Bistra Mountain that surrounds it, and the Valley of the Radika River, as well as the sleepy Janche village, adorned with interesting old houses built of stone and wood. The Mavrovo and Rostushe is one of the three largest municipalities in Macedonia, that borders on the north with the Gostivar Municipality, on the east with the Kičevo Municipality, on the south with the Debar Municipality, on the west with Albania and on the northwest with Kosovo and Metohija. The Tutto Hotel in Mavrovo is entirely in harmony with the gorgeous natural surroundings, and from the spacious terrace in the heart of the beneficial nature, guests can enjoy in the pure clean and clear mountainous air, along with the “music“ of the Radika River which flows through this village.

The Tutto Hotel is newly built facility, completely designed and furnished along the international eco standards, as it was built exclusively of natural materials, in order to provide visitors related natural feelings of pure nature, blue sky, endless mountainous greenery, steep rocky peaks, lush pastures and emerald – green Radika River and its tributaries and streams. Here mornings and nights are fresh and pleasant, while days are filled with the scents of the pure and untouched nature and various herbs, mountain teas and forest products, that are found all over here in abundance. Nights are quiet and perfect for resting. The Tutto Hotel in Mavrovo is ideal choice for family vacations and stay of nature lovers and all keen to take part in outdoor activities and sports, as well as for guests who want to experience full tranquility and special experiences.

The Tutto Hotel boasts seven comfortable, perfectly clean non-smoking double/twin rooms and few suites with balconies, equipped with comfortable retro-style furniture made of wood and wrought-iron, air conditioning, refrigerator, satellite TV, free WiFi and modern bathrooms with bathtubs or showers.

The restaurant of the Tutto Hotel and its professional staff welcome guests cordially and warm, confirming the special feature of this facility. The restaurant has 250 seats, and even 400 seats on terraces when needed, as it covers the entire floor of the Tutto hotel. Likewise the Tutto Hotel, the restaurant is also built of earth, stone and wood, and its interior boasts various items and details of everyday life of local population and numerous dry herbs, that best describe and represent the lifestyle and the area you visit. Guests have possibility to taste the finest traditional food prepared fully under Slow Food principles, that again best represent the spirit of this beautiful region of Macedonia. Variety of tastes and smells of homemade mouthwatering food fully contribute to the guests’ experiences, as all produces and ingredients are entirely natural and locally grown. Here are served fresh tasty salads of tomato, carrot, beet, cucumber, peppers, ayvar, „pindzur”, pickled cabbage, various cheese and spinach pies, sheep /shepherd/ cheese, ”urda“, forest mushrooms, hominy, sarma, slowly-roasted lamb or beef with herbs and potato, turli tava, original sweets…. Gourmet enjoyment is guaranteed !

Enterprising and tireless owner of the Tutto Hotel, Mr Tutto-Tefik, is a founding member of the Slow Food Macedonia Organization, and his unique commitment and willingness and respect for natural environment, tradition and biodiversity of the Mavrovo National Park greatly influenced the business policy of the Tutto Hotel and the Janche village, which is slowly becoming the competitive and attractive tourist destination, recognized for its natural and cultural beauties and numerous investment options. Mister Tutto-Tefik is expert in restoration and refurbishment of houses, so few old houses of the Janche village gained the completely new appearance, retaining their former spirit and energy, thanks to the efforts and skills of this diligent man. Since many years, long before the eco-building trend begun, Tutto-Tefik started building using ecological and natural materials – stone, wood, straw and earth. He successfully rediscovered and gave new dignity to the old structures and traditions of Mavrovo, by using the natural earth loads for outer and inner walls, which are breathable, waterproof, durable, reviving the former simple way of building houses, that are today very lovely and beautiful, adjusted to the modern way and demands of life, simultaneously providing health to all who live and stay in them. Mr Tutto-Tefik and his followers believe construction of houses should come back to its origins of a deeper relation with the surrounding environment, in order to achieve a better sustainability, decrease the use of pollutant materials and gain a winning combination of new solutions and ancient traditions. During their stay at the Tutto Hotel in Mavrovo guests have variety of activities awaiting them, in assistance with kind staff and professional guides and outdoor instructors – mountaineering and hiking along well-marked hiking trails, mountain bike ride, kayaking, picking up herbs and forest products and mushrooms, culinary workshops and classes, classes of restoration and refurbishment of old houses, fishing, horse riding, sun bathing on the terrace, visit to the Sveti Jovan Bigorski Monastery, the waterfalls and caves, visit to the Galichnik village and its famous Galichnik Wedding within the Mavrovo National Park….

…. “When you talk about Slow Food, you talk about the normal life of a common person in Macedonia. It doesn’t represent just the food, but also the lives of the people who live here and their passion for tradition,” said Tefik Tefikoski, the founder of the Macedonian chapter of Slow Food and owner of Hotel Tutto in Janche. Thanks to kind recommendation of our great partner Emilija Macedonia Travel, our visit to the Tutto Hotel in December 2016 was memorable highlight of the Macedonia tour and  confirmed us why Macedonia is emerging as the center of the Slow Food in the Balkans !!!