Soko Banja Spa

Soko Banja Spa

Sokobanja is a spa in Eastern Serbia rich in mineral healing waters, situated in the footstep of Ozren Mountain (1117 m high) next to Moravica River, at the altitude of 400 meters. Thanks to its invigorating characteristics, featuring natural sources of radioactive mineral waters and mild moderate continental climate without fog and strong winds, the Soko Banja Spa is particularly suitable for vacations and recreation throughout the year. Surrounded by wooded mountains and without any big polluters, Sokobanja is the oasis of fresh air and tranquility, strongly recommended both for the healthy and the ill people.

Natural curative factors of the Soko Banja Spa: thermo-mineral sources are radioactive aqua-therms with thermal characteristics of waters. The water temperature is 28 o to 45.5 o C with a high degree of radioactivity to 13 MJ. Radioactive radon gas, with radiation from 33.7 to 50 MJ, also used in treatments. Climate of Soko Banja Spa has a great beneficial effect on the body.

Medical indications: Diseases of the respiratory, rheumatic diseases, gynecology chronic diseases, stress syndrome, neuralgia, the state of peripheral nerves after injury, neurosis.

Medical treatment: Thermal springs are among the most radioactive in Serbia. There are six of these sources. The radioactive water is used in the treatment of swimming, taking water for drinking and other therapy. Inhalation is done in special inhalation chambers, strong inhalation of radioactive gas. The most common form of treatment is bathing in thermal waters.

Places to see: During rich history Stevan Sremac, Branislav Nusic and Ivo Andric, famous Serbian writers were regular guests in Sokobanja. Nearly are Ripaljka Waterfalls, the highest water-slope in Serbia, high over 40m. The Bovan lake, one of the cleanest lakes in Serbia, 7 km far from Soko Banja Spa is the heaven for fishermen. Sokobanja’s hunting grounds rich in wild game are real challenge for the nature lovers and passionate hunters. The source of the Moravica River, 15 km away from Sokobanja Spa, on the road to Knjazevac is an extraordinary natural phenomenon, since the river is formed by several sources which can not be seen, as they spring directly from the river bed. Moravica River is 45 km long and it joins with Juzna Morava in Aleksinac. The Moravica River springs at the spot called “Vrelo-Istoci” at the foot of the Devica Mountain. In the close proximity is the place for relax and sit in the nature, equipped with wooden tables and banches, along with the barbecue area, to grill meat and trout from the local fishpond. Only 100 meters to the east is the small cave, interesting for visitors with a camera. On the path which leads to the spring in the center of the village, there is a church of Saint Eliah – Sveti Ilia, built in the 19th century as foundation of the Princess Persida Karadjordjevic.

In Soko Banja Spa is, naturally, located the Adonis Company, the leading producer, collector of plants from nature, specialized in redemption, procession and packing of the medicinal herbs and teas. Since its foundation in 1991, the Adonis Company from Soko Banja Spa is awarded with numerous prizes and visit to this company or some of its picking campaigns is strongly recommended :

– Chamber of Commerce Prize for 20 years of successful business and achievements in development and improvement of economy in 2011,
– Absolute Champion of quality at the Nature and Men in 2002
– Prize for design for the Teasy Teas by Chamber of Commerce of Vojvodina in 2007
– Cup of Novi Sad Fair for continuous products quality for 1997, 1998, 2002 and 2003
– Cup of Novi Sad Fair for the standards of quality of Teasy Teas in 2011
– Large Gold medal for tea in 2011
– Large Gold medal for the Teasy Teas campaign in 2011
– Gold tea-pot for the best innovation of the 5th Tea Festival in Nis in 2008
– 12 large gold medals for quality of tea components
– 10 gold medals for mixture of medicinal teas
– 12 large gold medals for mono-component teas
– Large gold medal for the Hibiscus and Green Tea tea quality of the Teasy pack in 2007
– First Prize for the stand arrangement among all fair events in 1994

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