Sijarinska Banja Spa

Sijarinska Banja Spa

Sijarinska Banja Spa is located in the Southern part of Serbia. It is 330 km away from Belgrade, 90 km away from Nis and 50 km away from Leskovac. Sijarinska Banja Spa is located on the banks of the Jablanica River, at the foot of Goljak Mountain, at the altitude of 520 meters. The Sijarinska Banja Spa is surrounded by hills with thick oak and beech woods, covering some 50 square kilometers of the surrounding area, therefore the spa is protected from winds, and no documented apparition of fog was ever made.

Natural curative factors of the Sijarinska Banja Spa : the Sijarinska Banja spa has 18 mineral water springs, spread along the length of an 800 m long area, with temperatures ranging from 32 to 72 degrees Celsius and various physical and chemical compounds. There is also a radioactive-sulfurous mud. In the spa there is a hot water geyser whose water column reaches the impressive height of 8 meters, and a periodical geyser which erupts every ten minutes – these two geysers are considered as unique in Europe.

Medical indications of the Sijarinska Banja Spa : diseases of the bone and muscular systems, sciatica, lumbago, stomach and intestinal diseases, kidney and urinary tract diseases, sand in urinary canals, conditions after surgically removing or destroying kidney stones, inflammation of the urinary tract, liver, biliary and pancreatic diseases, gynecological illnesses, inflammatory processes and certain forms of sterility, lung diseases, neuroses, milder forms of diabetes, conjunctivitis.

Medical treatment: treatment is provided by the Institute for specialized rehabilitation “Gejzer” (a medical block with the most modern medical equipment for hydro-therapy, mud therapy, electro-therapy, kinesis-therapy, inhalation and warm cures with curative waters). The guests have an indoor swimming pool and sports courts at their disposal. The vicinity of the spa is suitable for hunting, and the Jablanica river is suitable for sports fishing.

Places to see: In the near vicinity of the spa there are the remains of the Empress’s town, Iustiniana Prima from the early Byzantine period. Hotel and private lodging available throughout the year.