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Vrdnik Banja Spa

Vrdnik Banja Spa is a picturesque settlement and the natural spa resort located on the southern slopes of Fruska Gora Mountain in the northern Serbia. Vrdnik banja Spa is situated 200 m above sea level inside the "Fruska Gora" National Park. With a population of 4000 inhabitants, it is an oasis of peace and quiet located only 27 km from Novi Sad and 70 km from Belgrade.Natural curative factors: Its healing powers lie in the fresh air, preserved nature, mild climate, and therapeutic and recreational baths with mineral waters (T 32.8°C) rich in sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, chlorine, sulphates and nitrates.

Medical indications: extra articular rheumatism, degenerative rheumatism, chronic rheumatism, disorders of the peripheral nervous system, post-operative conditions of the spine, various painful disorders, and balneo-climatic recuperation.

Medical tretmant: Hotel "Termal"(***) is newly reconstructed modern hotel located within the Spa Therapeutic Unit with full accommodation capacity of 260 beds, restaurants, convention centre with 500 seats, "sunny terrace", 3 indoor swimming pools and 2 outdoor pools with thermal water of 26 - 36 °C. In the modern Therapeutic Unit the guests are offered with integrated system of services hydrotherapy, electrotherapy, kinesys-therapy, gym, sauna, hand and vibro massages. Due to the joint spa and accompanying hotel facilities it is specially suitable for recreational stay and sport preparations.

Places to see: to In the vicinity there are 16 Orthodox Monasteries dating from the end of 15th and beginning of 16th century, The Vrdnik Tower from the Roman period and Vrdnik-Ravanica Monastery, Fruska Gora National Park, Perko's Farm in Neradin village, Sremski Karlovci.