Rustic Villa Rajačke Pimnice – Rajac Wineries accommodation

Rustic Villa Rajačke Pimnice – Rajac Wineries accommodation

Rajac is tiny old village in East Serbia famous for extraordinary wines, located on the /very bad, old/ road between Zaječar and Negotin. Rajac village is 50 km away from Zaječar and 25 km away from Negotin. To reach remote Rajac village and the widely known Rajac Wineries, you should be very patient and careful, and take the simplest and most recommended road from Negotin, from where you have about half an hour of drive through the following villages : Kobišnica, Veljkovo and by Rogljevo village to the left, to reach Rajac after few km. Second road from Zaječar to Rajac village is 43 km long and quite picturesque, but pretty curvy and dirty, with lot of wholes. It passes through the villages of Veliki Izvor, Halovo, Mali Jasenovac, Šipikovo and Braćevac. There is the third road to reach the Rajac Wineries, via Brusnik and Tamnič village, but very bad one, which we do not recommend.

More and more tourists from Serbia and abroad visit Rajac village because of its renown Rajac Wineries and its exquisite wines, around 3 km away, that some say have miracle powers and medical features – of course, when used in normal quantities…. Red and white wines kept in barrels of stone wine cellars of Rajac Wineries feature unique taste, smell and colors. On elevation above the Rajac village /2 km/, with well known wine cellars of Rajac Wineries, there is the old cemetery, with tomb stones made of sandstone, that represent themselves special attraction, thanks to their uniquely beautiful engravings and ancientness….

We warmly recommend accommodation in the rustic villa owned by young, diligent and always smiling hosts, Zoran and Emina, who do their best to provide visitors memorable impressions on Rajac and Rajac Wineries – showing around for exploration of the rich inheritance and well-preserved traditional lifestyle, teaching customs and old crafts and handwork, souvenir manufacture, visit to Rajac Wine cellars and wineries and ancient monuments, as well as wine celebrations and festivals held traditionally in Rajac Wineries. They have two houses, designed and decorated with numerous ethnographic artifacts and elements collected in the entire area of Timočka krajina – Timok River area, of which one house features civil way of life of prior good times. Vila in Rajac village features uniquely warm dining room with fire place, decorated in authentic patterns, where visitors enjoy in the finest traditional specialties and usually spend their time. Accommodation is provided in 5 clean and traditionally arranged bedrooms, with total of 9 beds and shared usage of 2 bathrooms, which clearly distinguishes itself in quality from the other accommodation in Rajac area. Guests can play table tennis and basketball while staying in this rustic villa. Rich traditional breakfast is served in this rustic Villa in Rajac village, which recalls almost forgotten delights of a small hamlet and society. Delicious wines of Rajac and Negotin Krajina also greatly contribute to the finest and memorable excitements and positive impressions of visitors. In spring and summer guests enjoy in green garden with sitting equipment, while drinking coffee and lokum and cold natural water from nearby spring. Vista spreads all along the Timočka krajina and surrounding Vlach village of Aleksandrovac – the Zlokuće village /in the past/, up to Bulgaria, which is only few km away. Left from there is Negotin /some 22 km/ and Romania is also very close, so this simple, but comfortable and affordable accommodation in Rajac village attract more and more visitors and wine lovers from Serbia and the neighboring countries….

Nearby interesting places : Negotin, Bukovo Monastery, Rogljevacke Pimnice, Lepenski Vir archaeological site near Donji Milanovac, Felix Romuliana archaeological site in Gamzigrad, Viminacium and Sarkamen Roman archaeological sights, Vratna Monastery and Natural Stone Bridges, Mokranjske stene /Mokranj Cliffs.