Ribarska Banja Spa

Ribarska Banja Spa

Ribarska Banja Spa is located in the central part of Serbia, 210 km south of Belgrade on the wooded slopes of the Jastrebac Mountain, at elevation of 540 meters above sea level. Ribarska Banja Spa is easily accessible by the Belgrade-Nis motorway via Krusevac (34 km) and by the Belgrade-Nis railway connection.

All treatments of illnesses and diseases in Ribarska Banja Spa are performed by the Special Institute for cure and rehabilitation of orthopedic diseasies, and bones and junctions and degenerative diseases in Ribarska Banja Spa. Within this medical complex which is simultaneously provider of all the medical functions of the Ribarska Banja Spa, there are several indoor and open pools filled with thermal waters that are used for therapies and treatments. Besides one of the pools, of the semi-olympic size, there is equipment for various therapies and treatments, like the ultra-sound and working therapies.

Natural curative factors of the Ribarska Banja Spa: In Ribarska Spa there are six mineral water springs with temperatures ranging from 38 to 42 degrees Celsius. Ribarska Banja Spa is classified as a health and tourist resort, whose curative characteristics of healing waters are often compared to the famous French Piriney Mountain springs, thanks to its beautiful surrounding forests and invigorating fresh air.

Medical indications: states after bone breaks and bone surgery, joint contractions, spine deformities, post-traumatic and post-operative pareses, pareses of nerves, hemiplegias and hemipareses.

Medical treatment: Hotel and private accommodation available throughout the year. Physical and medical rehabilitation use: Hydro therapy, Foto-theraphy, Laser-therapy, Magneto-therapy, Kinesis-therapy, Light-therapy.

Places to see : the legendary cultural program called “Cultural summer in Ribarska Banja” is well heard a long distance away. On the open and close stages there are all various interesting shows such as theater, music and plays exhibition, fairs of traditional food and old crafts, lyric nighttime, painting colonies. Special tourist experience makes visiting of local churches – Saint Roman Monastery and the Shroud of the Holy Virgin Church – “Pokrov Presvete Bogorodice” in Djunis, near Ribarska Banja.