Pribojska Banja Spa

Pribojska Banja Spa

Pribojska Banja Spa is located on the plateau above town of Priboj in southwest Serbia at the altitude of 550 meters. Priboj Banja Spa is also known by the name of Banja – spa in Serbian, and as an air spa thanks to its healing characteristics of the fresh air and pure mountainous environment. The Priboj Banja Spa is located at the top of the deep wooded and cultivated river valley, right next to the Banja Monastery – Saint Nicholas Banja Monastery, surrounded by mountains of Stari Vlah /highland/. In the north of the Pribojska banja Spa rises the Crni Vrh (Black peak) overgrown by lush and fragran pine forests. Lisja rocks under linden and spruce are located on the southern side of the Priboj Banja Spa. Along the left side of Pobijenik Mountain is the emerald Lim River flowing by town of Priboj.

Natural curative factors of the Pribojska Banja Spa : The Priboj Banja spa features several natural thermal mineral springs, of which the strongest provides 70 litres of water per second, with a temperature of 37 degrees Celsius. The Priboj Banja Spa features several indoor and outdoor pools filled with the thermal waters, and sauna available to patients and visitors. In 2009 the fully refurbished Rehabilitaion Center restarted its function, thanks to donations of the Mileseva Bishopric, the Priboj Municipality and the Medical Center of Uzice. There is the ward of the Physical medicine and rehabilitaion of the Medical center of Priboj opened here, which provides services of doctors, fiziotherapeutists and nurses. On the second floor of the Rehabilitation Center there are 25 nicely appointed apartments suitable for accommdation of patients.

Medical indications of the Priboj banja spa: chronic rheumatic inflammation of the articular and muscular systems, neuralgias, inflammation of peripheral nerves, polyneuritis, gynaecological diseases, consequences of bone and muscle injuries, convalescent states, skin diseases – it accelerates the healing of wounds, scabbing, and healing of skin changes caused by consequences of diabetes and weak peripheral circulation.

Medical treatments in the Priboj banja spa: due to climate factors and the combination of hydrotherapy, the Priboj Banja Spa is an ideal place for recovery of the rheumatic diseases, but also suitable for preventive treatments of healthy people and athletes. The air in the Priboj Banja Spa is very clean and full of fresh aromatic fragrance of pine trees and blooming linden -in June. This is important because it is known that the proximity of the forest soothing (sedative) to a human. Pribojska Spa offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful mountainous panorama of the Lim River valley.

Places to see: Pribojska Banja Spa was known by heritage of the ancient Romans and the heroic population of Medieval Serbia. Located on the main road which led from Bosnia to Constantinople, the Priboj Banja Spa was the hangout and station of many passengers and trade caravans. The medieval hospital which treated Saint Sava’s ill feet was founded here in the 12th century at the time of the reign of the famous Nemanjic Dinasty. There is a lagend on regeneration of the Serbian King Uroš, the son of the King Stefan the First (Uros “harsh”), who had cured here a skin disease, which is included in traditional epics. Old Turkish Baths with mineral springs were used by the Turks during their rule of these areas in the Middle ages.

Places to see : full-day excursions to Zlatibor, Zlatar, Mileševa Monastery, Zlatar and Potpećko /Potpec Lake/and Radojinsko /Radojina lake/, Lim River with premium rafting conditions and majestic Uvac Special Natural Reserve /largest natural habitat of griffin vultures in the Balkans/ offer many opportunities for exploration of natural and cultural sites, but also provides joy to passionate fishermen who spend here their marvelous time enjoying in their hobby sport.