Podbukovi Rural household 102

Podbukovi Rural household 102

Valjevo rural tourism – Podbukovi village – PANACOMP rural property for rent 102

PANACOMP Property for rent 102 is well-know to the neighbors, guests or any accidental visitor by their genuine hospitality and warm welcome, is situated right at the confluence of Bukova and Crna /Black/River near Divcibare tourist center, proclaimed the natural reservation due to intact and wild natural environment between the spectacular peaks of the wonderful Valjevo mountains. The pure natural setting of the surrounding Valjevo Mountains provides excellent conditions for true relief and active vacations.

Tiny village of Podbukovi is 145 km away from Belgrade by good pawed road, 22 km from Valjevo and 9 km from the famous Divcibare mountainous tourist center and the sport resort. You can reach this tiny picturesque village from Divcibare walking along the beautiful health trail which is 5 km long, through the thick beech forest. Accommodation capacity on guests’ disposal is 3 comfortable double rooms with shared use of two modern bathrooms in spacious traditionally designed house. Capacity could be extended upon request with additional lodging space in newly built house 800 meters down the meadow. The flowery fence enclosures green garden full of fresh vegetables and fruits and the stall with cattle, chicken and chicks. There is the traditional spare house over 100 years old /”vajat”/as the most cheerful place and the archaic stories treasure chest in the middle of beautiful yard to flavor pleasant evening gatherings by the open fire, where delicious homemade meals are served. Vacations spent in this serene village at the foot of the Maljen and Povlen Mountains /670 meters above see level/ would be memorable for unique activities: intact nature exploration, hiking, fishing and trolling in Crna Reka – Black River canyon rich in trout and crayfish, hunting, daily-rural works, mountain biking, picking-up medicinal herbs and forest products or traditional culinary courses and preparation of pickled vegetables managed by experienced host. Languages in use : English

Places to see : Crna Reka waterfalls, “Ljuti Krs” and “Golubac” Mountain peaks, Celije Monastery, Lelic Monastery, Divcibare, Brankovina, Valjevo, Muselim’s Manor, National Museum Valjevo, Tometino Polje – Tometino’s Fields…

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