PIK Oplenac Winery Topola

PIK Oplenac Winery Topola

In the heart of Šumadija region, at the foot of the Oplenac historical hill with the Royal Mausoleum and the Church of Saint George, with wonderful mosaics, and surroundings of the sunny exposed, gentle hilly terrains, there is the small town of Topola, the cradle of the Serbian independence, the seat of the Serb royal dynasties, and the initiator of the viticulture and wine growing of Sumadja region.…Topola is cozy small settlement of Sumadija, which created the wines suited for the royal tables of Europe, and was named the capital of the Serbian vines. In such a spiritual and wine-growing metropolis of Serbia, which features harmony of natural and cultural assets, the clear air and most fragrant vines, there is the PIK Oplenac, which is since 1948 engaged in redemption and commerce of alcohol drinks, with some 700 hectares of vineyards. In regard with the production capacity and production process, until the beginning of the 90-ties of the 20th century, the PIK Oplenac was in top of that time market of Yugoslavia, regarding its renown production palette of wines and rakija – spirits.

The successful privatization of the PIK Oplenac in Topola in 2014 provided continuation of production of excellent wines in the vast production structure and the wine cellars, equipped with most up-to-date technologies of French and Italian producers. This Oplenac reputed wine house numbered 850 workers that for decades spread out and conveyed their wine production skills to the new generations.

Following trends in international wine production, the present owner of the PIK Oplenac focused to the high technology and standards in production, relying on the experience, traditions and culture of the Oplenac wine region, and uniting them with the most modern techniques of the French and the Italian producers. Fertile soil and ecologic clean air of Sumadija today also greatly contribute to the best grape growing outcome. The PIK Oplenac Winery successfully continued with its primary profession, which is wine production, with tendencies to expand business into the food production.

All traditional appearances of the former winery are preserved and enhanced with new architectural and construction renovation, that added huge investment into the equipment and infrastructure.At present there is plan of planing new 50 hectares of young vineyards of various grape varieties, as well as extension of the production process with production of natural juices, oils, brickettes and wooden palettes.

Here we present the wines of the PIK Oplenac : white wines of the PIK Oplenac Winery of the VILLA line that feature intense and rich aroma, the VILLA Rose wine – dry wine of the flavor of fresh cherries, red wines with intense fruity aroma of the MONARH line, the basic line which is called TRON, as well as the famous loza rakija /grape brandy/. All PIK Oplenac Topola wines make unique harmony of carefully selected grapes, knowledge, experience, tradition and love. Visitors only need to enjoy in colors of life and the unique aroma and tastes of the wines of the PIK Oplenac Winery in Topola.

The Villa Chardonnay wine of the PIK Oplenac Winery comes from 2015 grape harvest and features 13% of alcohol.This is wine of bright yellowish color, of very intense and appealing flavor, strong fruity character, where one can taste banana, exotic fruits, noble apple and citrus. The aroma is rich, strong, melting, excellently structured and in balance with long-term impression in later tasting. Optimal temperature of serving : 10-12 °C, best with the Russian salad, breaded mature cheese, mussels, salmon, pike and other light meats.

The Villa Cuvee wine is coupage of Muscat Ottonel, Chardonnay, Italian Riesling and the Rhine Riesling, harvest 2014, and has 13% of alcohol. The Cuvee wine is transparent, yellowish color, well-developed fruity scent, with the gentle touch of the Muscatt flavor. When sampled, this wine is moderate, balanced, of solid consistency of aroma. Optimal temperature for serving is 10-12 °C, and goes best with smoked delicacies, mayonnaise salads, tartar sauce, light meats.

The Villa Muscat Ottonel wine comes from 2015 harvest, and features 13,5% of alcohol. This is wine of bright yellow color, with green reflection, intense muscat scent, fruity-flowery character which recognizes Mellon, peach, citrus and exotic fruits. The Villa Muscat Ottonel wine of the PIK Oplenac Winery is dry when sampled, but soft and rich in aroma, excellent balanced and lengthy aroma.  It is best is served at the temperature of 7 °C, with light meats, gentle and semi-matured cheese, as Ementhaler cheese.

The Villa Sauvignon Blanc wine of the PIK Oplenac winery comes from 2015 harvest and features 13% of alcohol. This wine is very bright yellow color with greenish reflections, very opulent and refined variety, with intense characteristic of maracuja and citrus. The flavor is rich, strong and fulfilled, it has excellent balance, with small acidity, soft structure and lengthily aroma. Optimal temperature of serving the Villa Suavignon wine is 9-11 °C, and recommendation is with light meats, fish, mussels, goat cheese, breaded mushrooms, sauce, smoked salmon.

The Villa Traminac wine of the PIK Oplenac Winery is 2015 harvest and features 14,5% of alcohol. It is straw yellow in color, with intense scent of flowery-fruity character, and dominant rose scent, and touch or fruits and exotic fruits. This wine is of strong and lengthily aroma, very extract, with gentle tones and balances of acids, and long final flavor. This wine is best if served at the temperature of 8-12 °C, with spiced Asiatic dishes, salads with white meats, goat cheese and goose liver.

The Villa Rose wine is from the harvest of 2015., with 12,5% of alcohol, and produced of coupage of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grape varieties, dry wine of pomegranate color. Very intense scent of fresh cherries dominates, with pleasant acidity that distinguishes fruity character of this wine and  contribute to its well harmony. Optimal temperature of serving is 11-13 °C and goes best with variety of sea food rissotto, meat pie, light meats with mushrooms, blue sea fish, pizza Napolitana, spagetti Bolognese

The business philosophy of the PIK Oplenac Topola features implementation of modern trends and improvement of the wine tourism of Serbia. Besides production of exclusive wines, the PIK Oplenac Winery is engaged in wine tourism of Serbia. During their visit to the PIK Oplenac Winery, organized with professional guide, visitors may enjoy in exposed artistic paintings, bronze statues and a number of antiquities and spiritual issues that decorate the winery interior. At present, the luxury hotel and comfortable accommodation facilities are in process of construction, so that visitors and wine lovers may get the most pleasant experience of the divine drinks. The PIK Oplenac Winery intends to support and enhance the cultural image of the Oplenac wine region and surroundings. The Pik Oplenac Winery in Topola is today the excellent example of the old tradition combined with the new technologies, as it successfully run the wine production of exceptional quality, that proudly bear its authentic origins.