Nova Varoš Uvac accommodation – Vilovi rural household 054

Nova Varoš Uvac accommodation – Vilovi rural household 054

Nova Varos – Zlatar Mountain rural tourism – PANACOMP Rural Tourist Household 054

Vilovi Nature Park is situated in the south-western part of Serbia in tiny Vilovi village, 5 km away from Nova Varos, in close proximity of the gorgeous Zlatar and Uvac lakes of the Uvac river, within the Uvac Special Nature Reserve. You get to Nova Varos from Belgrade in about 4,5 – 5 hours of drive from Belgrade, direction Montenegro, along the well maintained paved Ibar road. This busy but picturesque road from Belgrade heading to Montenegro is some 270 km long. Zlatar Mountain and its magnificent eco mountainous environment gets great tourist significance because of its extraordinary natural features and premium location on the half way from Belgrade to the Adriatic coast in Montenegro or Bosnia and Herzegovina or Croatia. Zlatar Mountain is also the perfect destination for everyone who wants a true relief away from temptations or challenges of modern times. The unique Vilovi Nature-Vacation Park, which looks as in fairy tale, is situated on the slopes of Zlatar Mountain at the altitude of 1200 meters. This is one of our favorite destinations because of numerous reasons, and one is the fact that this authentic rustic homestead is entirely surrounded with thick pine forest and run by uniquely hospitable and friendly hosts. Thanks to untouched natural environment, Uvac Nature Reserve is the one of the largest natural habitats of griffin vultures in Europe, and the largest in the Balkans. Vilovi Park and its surroundings, covering the surface of 2 ha, makes the unique combination of natural beauties and majestic landscapes, suitable for all types of recreation and relaxing holidays, full with tranquility for all types of visitors, throughout the year.

Vilovi mountainous accommodation is provided in the nicely arranged central wooden apartment-style structure with 6 double rooms and shared usage of 2 bathrooms, but also in the nearby wooden cottages for 5-6 persons with private facilities, entirely built of the pine beams and wood. Rooms of the Vilovi rural tourist household on Zlatar Mountain are entirely furnished in natural materials and decorated with traditional elements – rugs, carpets, embroidered linen, wooden souvenirs…. This uniquely pleasant rural household on Zlatar Mountain is part of our special offer for weekend packages in Serbian countryside.

The accommodation provided in this tiny magic mountainous hamlet in the heart of the Zlatar Mountain pine forest is very suitable for family vacations, mountaineers and nature lovers. The Vilovi rural accommodation enables unique experience to each profile of visitor, thanks to the tranquility and serene thick forest around it and bedrooms with windows that look on the thick pine forests. A memorable panorama on Zlatar Mountain spreads from the main building of the rural complex which contains spacious dining room with the fire place and large open-air terrace. Guests truly enjoy sitting in the open terrace and often rightfully rate this great experience as “a million USD panorama”!

It is possible to camp in own tents in Vilovi park, although nights on Zlatar Mountain are pretty chilly and the “tent night” is recommended only to the bravest. When night falls in Zlatar Mountain it is not easy to move in the forest without flashlight, but mornings bathed by the sun are especially beautiful. For memorable awakening flock of sheep with their bells are responsible, as well as birds tweet which is performed from every corner of this uniquely cozy place. During their stay in Vilovi Park – rural household on Zlatar Mountain providing tourist services, guests enjoy in long invigorating walks along fragrant forests and surrounding meadows on well-marked trails, picking up herbs and forest products, culinary courses under supervision of exceptionally skilled lady-host Kanita, boat ride along Uvac Nature Reserve while observing nests of griffin vultures, meeting with locals and visiting nearby rural households and learning and understanding rules of the highlanders lifestyle and customs….

Friendly and hospitable young hosts of the Botic Family take their guests along the Uvac Special Reserve for a boat ride with their own boat – up to 12 people which greatly contribute to amazing experiences, and update the finest pleasures and do their best to make stay of their guests most pleasant and memorable. Guests enjoy in traditional hospitality, gastronomic experiences with local brandy and tranquil atmosphere rich in smells and sounds of intact nature. Special gastronomic experience are surely the famous buckwheat-pie /”heljdopita”/ or homemade ajvar – ayvar and salads prepared by skillful hosts and abundance of cow and goat and sheep cheese, traditionally produced in nearby households and villages, or other mouth-watering finest tasty food of the Zlatar Mt area. The rich buffet pleases everyone’s likes and needs. From roasted lamb or beef, legs of pork and cheese noodles to seasonal desserts, the offered delicacies make everyone’s mouth water. In special occasions and announcement by hosts, it is possible to enjoy in tremendous and fantastic performance of the Brass Orchestra of Ivan Djenadic, one of the Guca Brass Festival winners, whose members live in Vilovi village and surrounding hamlets. Those are memorable events…

Plenty of opportunities for premium invigoration and active vacations in Vilovi Park and gorgeous Zlatar Mountain remain in guests memory for long : Uvac Valley and Uvac Special Nature Reserve – the protected griffin vultures habitats, boat ride on the Uvac and Zlatar lakes, mysterious Usac Cave (not yet acknowledged speleological site), Stitkovo ethno village, Mileseva and Dubnica Monasteries and much more.
Places to see: Musvete Smoke House, Kremna village, Sirogojno Open Air Museum, Mokra Gora (Mećavnik – Drvengrad), Zlatibor Mt, Šarganska osmica train ride….