Niska Banja Spa

Niska Banja Spa

Niska Banja Spa is a peaceful tourist spa in the south-east of Serbia, at the altitude of about 250 meters, and at the foot of Koritnjak Mountain, a range of Suva Planina Mountain. Surrounded by breathtaking Svrljig Mountains and Svrljig Gorge in the north, and open air in the east and the west, the Niska Banja Spa bathes in the sun throughout the day. Niška Banja Spa is a natural spa known since the Roman Empire. It is 10 km away from the City of Nis, and 255 km from Belgrade. Natural curative factors of the Niska Banja Spa: Radon thermo-mineral waters and natural mineral mud obtain its healing and alkaline specificity features, mild mineralization, soil-alcal homeo-therm, with the temperature of 36-38ºC.

Medical indications: diseases of the loco-motor apparatus, cardiovascular diseases, conditions after the surgical revascularisation of myocard, rehabilitation of patients after the implantation of endo-protesis of the heep and knee, inflammatory and functional sterility.

Medical tretment: The Institute “Niška Banja” is a contemporary health and scientific-investigating institution in the field of rheumatology and cardiology, specialized rehabilitation, physical medicine and orthopedics. There is the contemporary equipment for non-invasive diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation of rheumatic and cardiovascular diseases as well as the contemporary equipment for surgical treatment in the field of orthopedic surgery.

Places to see: In the vicinity of the two gorges, the three monastery, several archaeological sites and historical places. On the road between Nis and Spa is famous Skull Tower, quadrangular tower with 950 placed skulls of the Serbian soldiers, died in the Čegar Battle in 1809. The archaeological remains were discovered near the ancient Mediana, summer residence of well-known Emperor Constantine the Great.