Mogorjelo Archaeological Site

Mogorjelo is the most important Roman archeological site of Herzegovina featuring the remains of the Roman Villa rustica, surrounded with lush Mediterranean vegetation, located a few kilometers away from Čapljina. The Mogorjelo site contains the fortified Villa suburbana from the beginning of the 4th century, although during the 1st century here was the agricultural estate with living structures, storages and agricultural processing tools. Within the Villa, behind the large and massive walls with towers, there have been remains of the ancient villa from the 1st century, which was destroyed in fire around the 3rd century, as well the bakery, oil factory and blacksmith workshop. The Mogorjelo monument of culture is one of the most beautiful buildings of the late antique architecture throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Mogorjelo site was a Roman garrison in one of the strategic Balkans locations. In the first half of the 1st century of the Christian era, a large fortified farm has been built here, as a beautiful building. The farm was destroyed in the 3rd century. Another hundred years went by and a solid country house with beautiful porches was built again in Mogorjelo. Mogorjelo supplied the Roman city of Narona, the ruins of which lie in the village of Vido near Metkovic, and it probably defended the city and surrounding areas. The fury of the Visigoths, in the early 5th century, one again destroyed the magnificent Roman settlement. In the 5th century, two early Christian basilicas were built against the walls of the Mogorjelo fort. The Mogorjelo area is currently protected by the state as the monument of culture and is surrounded by a gorgeous park and a horse farm.