Minic Wine House Aleksandrovac

The Wine House – Winery of the Minic Family in the Zupa wine region of Aleksandrovac successfully continues family tradition of production of excellent wines on the own estates covered with vast vineyards. This family run wine production was only suspended during the wars. Bar rooms and cafes of the Minic Family known under the name of Velika Zupa – Large Zupa worked very successful in the twenties of the 20th century in several towns of that time Kingdom of Serbia. “This is the second European Champagne!” outcries the French Consul Deco in 1904 when notices gentle-hilly slopes of the Zupa vineyards, during his visit to the Zupa wine region.

Wine growing in the Zupa region dates from the earliest times of history with ancient people who were famous wine growers and wine lovers. Romans conquered the Zupa region in 29 BC under the rule of Emperor Gaius Octavian August where they remained for several centuries thanks to the Zupa wines, as it is known that Romans sustained in the areas of excellent wines.

The three most significant Monasteries of Serbia possessed their wineries in the Zupa area during the middle ages – Monasteries of Hilandar, Studenica and Zica. The highly respected Holy Prince Lazar also possessed his vineyards and wine cellars in the Zupa region. On 02nd March 1382 Prince Lazar blessed to the monk Doroteus and his son Danilo for foundation of the Drenca Monastery when he provided large estates in the Zupa region for the future monastic estates.

The tiny village of Tržac iin Aleksandrovac Municipality – wine region is metochion of the Drenča Monastery. It was named after the Medieval Square where successful trade of excellent wines from the monastic estates was performed, so is widely known for production of wines of extraordinary quality since the time immemorial. The Minic Wiine House – Minic Winery is locataed on the gentle hilly sunny slopes of the Trzac village in the Zupa of Aleksandrovac which is today recognized by several dozens of wine producers. The Minic Wine House – the Minic Winery does not dedicate themselves only to the wines of excellent quality, but also provides their visitors and guests with comfortable accommodation at the traditional settlement, built of old wine barrows. Seven old decommissioned large wine barrows were turned into six double rooms with bathrooms and a small wine tasting room which makes the unique tourist offer of Serbia, and surely of the Zupa wine region. Besides the accommodation, the Minic Winery possesses two large tasting rooms, the small one with some 30 comfortable accommodating seats, while the large tasting room is suitable for some 80 guests.

The Minića Winery – Wine House Aleksandovac is today proudly represented by Momčilo Moma Minić, the fifth generation of diligent wine growers of this winery with tradition in the Zupa of Aleksandrovac. Momčilo is always available to welcome visitors with cordial reception and make them feel pleasant, confirming successful business year of the rich vintage. The Minic Winery from the Trzac village in Aleksandrovac participates with its wines of recognized quality in numerous national and international wine competitions and grand tastings.

The Tamjanika STOTA SUZA – Tamjanika /the name comes from the Slavic word tamjan – incense/ the Hundredth teardrops is royal wine worthy of selected occasions produced under the old family recipe from grapes of amber color and picked up in the Zupa vineyards. This wine features a pleasant aroma, with plenty of extract, intense sort flavors of incense and basil. Tamnjanika Wine best goes with fish and white meats, served at the temperature from 10 to 12°C.

The Tamnjanika KASNA BERBA – Tamjanika Late Vintage is the wine of the Minić Winery produced from chosen vintage of the Zupa vineyards and matured tamjanika grapes of golden-amber color. This is highly strong wine with lots of extract and hardly intense of sort flavors of incense and basil. This divine nectar needs to be consumed carefully, in decent quantities, with fish and white meats, on the temperature between 10 and 12°C.

Tamnjanika SLATKA SUZA – Tamjanika Sweet Teardrop is desert white wine of the Minic Winery produced of the the tamjanika grape variety, that is best consumed with cakes and sweets, or hard red meats, at the temperature between 10 and 12°C.

Tamnjanika BARRIQUE is wine of the Minic Winery produced under the old family recipe, featuring maturation in special barrique baroows, by a special technology, enriched with another new flavor – the vanilla. Thanks to specific grape variety and great request for selection of locality, this wine is produced in small quantities only in the area of the tiny Trzac village, in the heart of the fruitful Zupa wine region. It is best when sampled with spicy pasta, fish, white meat, on the temperature from 10 to 12°C.

Dorotej PINOT NOIR – Doroteus Pinot Noir wine is regarded by foreign international and national experts as one of the current best Serbian Pinot Noir wines, whose full excellence is provided by several years of maturation. It is unbelievably rich wine of extraordinary bouquet, a dark color with purple reflections. The Doroteus Pinot Noir features pleasant flavor and unusual long finish. This wine best goes with hard and spicy food, served at the room temperature.

Prokupac is noble wine produced with God wish from the original grape variety of the same name in the Zupa region rich in grapes. This divine nectar in the form of drop features a rich Rubi color of the Zupa climate and is result of a family tradition and skills of local wine producers to provide a wine lover with unique flavor which will lasts long in all senses. This wine represents a particular jewel of the Zupa wine region. This wine is produced in the Minic Winery with plenty of workmanship and love which features strong and rich bouquet, dark red color and pleasant flavor and extraordinary finish. Your gourmet skills will be best presented if you serve this wine with grassy and intensively spiced dishes and dark meats as well as dished prepared of wild game. Recommended with Serbian traditional dishes. Prokupac wine should be consumed slowly, on the room temperature. A bottle of this wine should be opened 30 – 40 minutes prior serving, so that it comes in touch with Oxygen, and so expresses its best buquet and aroma.

Rose LILI – the Lili Rose wine of the Minić Winery is dry wine produced from combination of Plovdin and Pinot Noir grapes. It best goes with light red meats and roasted meat, at the temperature from 10 to 12°C.

The Trzac village in the fruitful Zupa region in Aleksandrovac is primarily recognized by the excellent Tamjanika grapes. Credit for this go to the Spasic and Minic Wineries that for years dedicate their knowledge and love to the extraordinary quality of Tamjanika wines. Visitors of Serbia, and especially visitors of the Zupa wine region in Aleksandrovac are warmly recommended to visit both the wineries, since the visit provides a full picture of the Tamjanika grape from the Zupa wine region. Wine experts and wine connoisseurs confirm that the wineries of the Trzac village produce excellent results in production of white wines, giving priority to the extraordinary Tamjanika wine, while those wineries perform pretty weak, especially in comparison with the first ligue of the Zupe wineries with basis for a very prosperous production on the Prokupac wine variety. Vinopedia. The wines of the Minic Winery Aleksandrova are found in the well-supplied markets and wine houses, and served in the prestigious restaurants of Serbia and Montenegro.