Koviljaca Banja Spa

Koviljaca Banja Spa

Koviljaca Banja Spa is located in southwestern part of Serbia in the area of Mt. Gučevo on 128 meters above sea level. Koviljaca Banja Spa lies in the Podrinje region, on the left bank of the Drina River, some 142 km away from Belgrade and 6 km from Loznica. Natural curative factors of the Koviljaca Banja Spa: mineral waters and curative sulfur mud. Thermal and mineral waters used for therapeutic purposes belongs to the category of sodium – calcium – hydrocarbonate hypothermas. The origin of Banja Koviljaca peloid is mineral and it belongs to low alcal and reductive peloids.

Medical indications of the Koviljaca Banja Spa: Rheumatical diseases, Degenerative diseases of the joints and spinal column, Discushernia, Osteoporosis, Peripheril nervs lesias, Sterility, Limphoderm.

Medical treatment: At this modern centre for curring and recovering, various therapeutic substances used by modern physical medicine and rehabilitation are applied. Therapies: bathing in sulphurous thermomineral water, in bathtubs or swimming pools or like local shower gel, peloid therapy in form of mud treatment, magnetic therapy, laser therapy, manual, vibrate and underwater massage.

Places to see: Middle Age Tronosa Monastery is four km far from Trsic. It was built in 1317 under patronate of Queen Katarina, king Dragutin ‘s wife. St. Nicholas monastery at Soko city, known as the last Turkish fortification in Serbia. Village Trsic, 9 km southeast far from Loznica is the birth-place of scholar and great lecturer of Serbian literature and culture Vuk Stefanovic Karadzic.