Kosovo Houses Rural Tourist Complex Rhodopes

Kosovo Houses Rural Tourist Complex Rhodopes

The picturesque village of Kosovo was mentioned in 1576-1577 in the Turkish historical records by this name as the old Serbian Medieval settlement. Kosovo village is really one of the most beautiful places in Bulgaria, surrounded by the marvelous Rhodope landscapes which welcomes a lot of guests.We can only recommend this unique place when you come next time in Bulgaria!

Set on a quiet idyllic spot in the picturesque, authentic South Rhodopean village of Kosovo, 3 km away from the main road Asenovgrad-Pamporovo, among remote hilltops and inspiring landscapes and creeks, the Complex of Kosovo Houses provides a comfortable accommodation in its nicely traditionally appointed 20 rooms and finest traditional food and a selection of wines served in cherdak – a typical outdoor terrace, where birds always sing in the background. The Rhodope Mountains in Bulgaria make the largest part of the Macedonian-Thracian massif and represent a complex system of various height, length, width and direction of ridges, deep river valleys, narrow gorges and internal mountain valleys. All four seasons in the Rhodope Mountains provide exceptional experiences for visitors, as each season has its own fascination and holds unexpected surprises for today’s urbanized man. Wildlife abounds here in the Rhodope Mountains – butterflies, lizards, birds, deer, but the rural homes combine traditional furnishings with modern comfort and radiate coziness and warmth. The terrain of the Kosovo village in the Rhodopes is hilly and mountainous, with average altitude of 900 meters.

The history and the foundation of the present day Kosovo village is under critical examination of scholars and their particularly interesting consideration. The Balkans is extraordinarily fluid region, in which allegiances were bound to be transient, and in which local power relationships were based on the recognition that any alliance was likely to be temporary, and that yesterday’s enemy could be tomorrow’s best friend. Anyhow, some data have it that settlers from Staro Selo village /toponym meaning “old village“/ next to the Biala Cherkva Monastery, founded Kosovo settlement in the 17th century. The common culture was molded and population managed to survive during a period of great change in the Balkans, one that remains relatively unexplored. The expression of “Kos” is an adjective in Slavic/Bulgarian relating to steepness, from where the village Kosovo most likely derives its name. Kosovo village in Rhodope Mountains reached the peak of its prosperity in the 19th century and most of the houses in the village date from that period. The whole region around the Kosovo village was given to local pasha /lord/ in reward for his efforts to defend Ottoman interests from Greece. The livelihood in those times included stock breeding, agriculture, trade and masonry. Today, the Kosovo village has only 10 residents, and is one of the most tranquil and peaceful places on Earth. Nature is simply stunning and features virgin forests and lush rivers rich in trout. The climate in the area of Kosovo village is transcontinental, with a cold winter with temperatures around 0ºС; the summer is cool with average temperatures of 22ºС.

The Kosovo Complex in South Rhodopes consists of 3 traditional houses and a green and flowery garden, all successfully reconstructed in the Bulgarian Revival style by dedicated and diligent owners Svetlana and Hristo. For years Svetlana and Hristo lived and worked in Latin America and after living abroad for a long time, the longing for Bulgaria got really strong. During one of their vacations back in Bulgaria they stumbled upon the Kosovo village which captivated them immediately – with its peace and quiet, its cobblestone streets, the typical Rhodopean houses, spread on the hills. When they decided to return to Bulgaria for good and to change their way of live, they were certain that Kosovo village would be the place they wanted to settle in. And so, with the active participation of friends and family, they gave birth to the ”Kosovo Houses”, built with hard work, love and a desire to preserve the true Bulgarian spirit. The present Kosovo tourist complex is of immense value, as it is a part of them, where they proudly welcome their guests with pleasure and want to show and share with them those special feelings and hospitable atmosphere, the authenticity and simplicity of Rhodopean atmosphere and the beauty of Bulgarian nature, which they long for and strive to preserve. Many of their guests have become our friends and keep coming back, as they have felt the magnetic pull of the Rhodope mountains. They say : “Give us a visit and find out for yourselves”.

The Hadjiyska House is the heart of the Kosovo Tourist rustic complex, which was first restored and opened up for guests and where it all began. The Hadjiyska House is quite special – not only to owners and not only because of their memories, but for the simple reason as it is the most notable one in the tiny Kosovo village and thus has been proclaimed a cultural monument. Built in 1853 by Hadji Georgi Stanchovski, a renowned builder, who erected one of the most beautiful houses in the Old Town of Plovdiv – the Georgiadi House and Kuymdjioglu House – now an ethnographic museum, and in the entire territory of the then-Ottoman Empire. Originally Hadji Georgi constructed the Hadjiyska House to be his home in the village of Kosovo. The local church of Uspenie Bogorodichno /Church of Ascension of the Holy Virgin/, which is a culture monument also, was also built by him.

Restoring a house of such significance is a big task. Owners Svetlana and Hristo turned to expert builders, experienced in restoring traditional Rhodopean-style buildings, capable of keeping things like they used to be, and making miracles as the final result of their craftsmanship that came from stone, oak, cherry wood, even the much desired walnut wood. What they could – they succeeded to save, like wonderful woodcarved ceilings, what had been destroyed – they had restored to the former original glory – the walls, the tiles, chimneys, fireplaces, built-in cupboards. Svetlana and Hristo of the Kosovo Tourist rustic complex in Rhodopes also made possible to bring back the comfort and spirit – Rhodopean wooden hand-carved ceilings, woven blankets, rugs and fireplaces. Currently there are 6 double and 2 triple bedrooms, each with its own specially crafted furniture. Each room is big enough with big bathroom and once you are in you feel something unique due the items hanged on or just the construction within the houses, or the spectacular panorama of the sleepy village. All needed is inside, and then there is a living room, common one arranged for sitting with friends and family drinking the unique herbal tea prepared by the owners. The yards are so green and as the houses are on a hills you feel very close to the sky. Of course, they have added some modern amenities such as Satellite TV and modern shower cabins. The house is licensed with 3 stars, the highest category a guesthouse can attain. In the early 2007 the restored House was awarded a silver medal from the Authentic Bulgaria Foundation, a trade mark for excellence in design and tradition. It is proof that guests can expect professionalism and quality service, what they find out for themselves.

The Gavatovska House was restored in the autumn of 2008. It is located in the Turkish neighborhood and is one of the most remarkable in the village. The original walls failed to be preserved, but everything had been rebuild in the same original style, and the house was thus restored to look as close as possible to its original state. Due to the steep Kosovo topography and terrain, the house is built on several levels, with several separate entrances and exists. Located about 60 meters from the parking space, visitors reach it by a cobblestone path, what makes the first emotion even more authentic. At its lowest level the Ganatovska House is equipped with a tavern for guests with a fireplace, kitchenette and bathrooms. On the other levels there are 2 studio apartments with kitchenettes, 5 double rooms and a suite, each with its own separate bathroom. The barn was reconstructed to be a separate third apartment. The section of the house has 5 rooms, 1 apartment and the tavern is great for groups of 10 to 15 people, who prefer to be alone and want to test out their culinary skills. The additional fireplace in the yard is perfect for barbecue. The spacious apartments, consisting of a bedroom and living room with an extendable couch are perfect for a lengthier family vacation. They are also equipped with a fridge, microwave, and a kitchenette.

The Elinovska house of the Kosovo Rural Tourist complex in Rhodopes is situated on the hill of the Turkish neighborhood in the village – one of the highest places in the village and offers a breathtaking view. It used to be the first school in the village and has now been made a cultural monument. Guests also have to walk a bit up a cobblestone path to get to the house, but the short trip is worth it. Guests are met with a spacious yard, equipped with a massive covered fireplace, where they can relax and enjoy the view to the whole village. Meanwhile their luggage is taken up with a special mini lift. The Elinovska House is the smallest house in the Kosovo Rustic Tourist complex in the Rhodopes, and consists of three apartments, each with its own entrance. Two of them are in the main part of the building and are equipped with a cozy couch, kitchenette with microwave oven and a fridge, a dining spot. The barn houses the third apartment, which owners like to call the honeymoon suite, with a bedroom on the lower floor and a balcony on the second floor. This is the biggest living room of the Kosovo Rustic tourist complex with a separate dining spot and internal fireplace. If guests wish to spend a few days away from the world, alone or with friends, they can rent one of the apartments or the whole house. In that case, visitors don’t even need to come to the restaurant, as they will have all their orders delivered with the mini lift.

The Kosovo Houses tavern is located in the yard of the Hadjiska House, in the wonderfully renovated barn with outstanding hand wood-carved ceilings, where guests find themselves immersed by the atmosphere of the Bulgarian Revival period and traditional Rhodopean architecture – from the size-able stone walls, to the heavy oak furniture and unique local cuisine. The Rhodopean ”patatnik” – a traditional delicious potato dish from the region, to the monk’s bean soup, the crepes, home-made yoghurt /also made locally/ are just some examples of the specialties of the kitchen. As the owners also love mushrooms, food is ofter prepared from the freshly picked various sorts of mushrooms found in the woods surrounding the Kosovo village. Svetlana and Hristo gather more than 20 sorts of mushrooms and marinate them, to add fresh mushrooms in the menu during certain seasons. Another notable issue is the mountain tea (”Murskalski” tea or ” Sideritis Scardica”) the owners make themselves, with the help of the locals /and guests who want/, they gather aromatic herbs and prepare their own unique blend. Guests wouldn’t find a better and more aromatic version anywhere else. The Kosovo Rustic tourist complex owners use only locally produced fresh ingredients, from the village or the surrounding mountain region, snot farther than 30 kilometers. The bread is baked in the nearby village of ”Hvoyna”, prepared with home-made yeast. Svetlana and Hristo also make their own yoghurt, with milk from the cow farms in Chepelare and Zaburdo. Finally, they source the vegetables from villages, surrounding the Asenovgrad municipality. Svetlana and Hristo truly strive to support local produce and aim to avoid products that damage the environment. The owners of the Kosovo Rustic tourist complex are proud of their rich collection of Bulgarian wines, as well as the specially made ”Kosovo Houses”-labeled wine from the ”Villa Lyubimets” winery.
The tavern is open all day, year round and is available both to guests or any visitor. It accommodates up to 40 people, and is suitable for any kinds of events or gatherings. During the summer, up to 30 more people can have their meal on the porch and the yard. The fireplace adds to the cozy atmosphere and makes the place where this unique atmosphere spreads and influence the food taste. Another thing which makes the owners truly proud of are the singers from the famous Smolyan folk ensemble ”100 Kaba-Bagpipes”, whose songs immerse visitors in the spirit of Rhodopean culture and provide memorable emotions. Free Wi-fi and Satellite Television is free for the guests of the tavern.

Amenities and Services of the Kosovo Rustic Tourist complex in Rhodopes: non-smoking accommodation, heating, free WiFi in all public spaces, room service, free parking, packed lunches, luggage storage, meting/banquet facilities, Fax/photocopying, bridal suite, team building options, barbecue, special diet food /on request/, pets allowed on request /charges may apply/, garden, terrace, designated smoking area.

The varied scenery of the South Rhodopes, proven ecological factors, peace and quiet of the Bulgarian countryside, along with entirely domestic atmosphere, well-preserved farmers’ lifestyle and customs provide best conditions for memorable, active vacations and relaxation in an unusually clean mountainous environment. Plovdiv Airport is 45 km /1 hour/ away from the Kosovo Rustic Tourist complex in the Rhodopes, the Sofia Airport is reached within 190 km, while Asenovgrad is 30 km away. The buses go from Sofia, Plovdiv or Asenovgrad to Narechenski Bani, from where hosts of the Kosovo Houses organize pick up. The serenity, the nature and the overall atmosphere here make up for a great place for any company event. With our help you can organize a memorable experience for your employees, colleagues or partners. We love nature and will offer you many interesting ideas for a team building activities (outdoors as well), games, entertainment, both for fun and satisfying. Kosovo village is great for visitors from abroad – the authentic ethnic atmosphere and the look and feel create a sense of interest and wonderment. This makes the place a potential instant hit with partners and colleagues from other countries. The restaurant can fit up to 40 people and depending on your needs can be configured to become a workshop or presentation halls.

The Kosovo village in the Rhodopes is off the beaten track spot, with wonderful walking trails and sights ideal for nature lovers. A historical church is only 400 meters away from the Kosovo Houses, while the Ski Slopes in Chepelare can be reached within 25 km. However, the farm work never ends as the land needs to be tilled, the harvest gathered, the hey mowed and stacked, the cattle grazed and the cows milked. Dairy products such as butter, cheese and yogurt are still made at home according to old technologies, fruit and vegetables are grown, herbs and mushrooms picked, etc. There is also plenty to do inside the home: cooking according to traditional recipes, embroidery, and knitting. Depending on interest and possibilities, anyone is able to experience something new and make his dreams come true. The friendly hosts welcome their guests with the famous Bulgarian hospitality. The days are filled with good mood and unforgettable experiences. In the Kosovo Houses complex you will experience unforgettable moments and the Rhodopean nature, customs and history, and will taste the best of the traditional Rhodopean cuisine. Hosts will make sure that there is something for everyone in the village of Kosovo and its surroundings: trekking, trips to natural and cultural monuments, bird-watching, photo safari, fishing, mineral baths, skiing and why not – adventures and artistic inspiration. The Kosovo Houses – Rustic Tourist complex in Rhodopes was awarded the Authentic Bulgaria certificate and recognized as Eco-friendly property.