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Divcibare Hotel Divcibare Mountain

Divčibare is the beautiful mountainous plateau located on height of 980 meters above sea level covering Crni Vrh and Paljba and Golubac and Veliko brdo peaks. It is positioned in central part of Maljen Mountain 38 km south-eastern from Valjevo and 110 km from Belgrade. Representing the shield from winds those peaks surrounding Divcibare are also places enabling exceptional view not only on parts of Maljen Mountain massif and its immediate surroundings, but also on distant mountainous parts of Serbia. Mountains of Valjevo area, Medvednik, Jablanik, Povlen and Maljen belong to the group of mountains with ore deposits, forming the final massif of Dinaric mountain system in north-western Serbia.
Hotel „Divčibare" is the most luxurious hotel /4 stars/ in Divčibare tourist resort, famous tourist center and the Air Spa on Maljen Mt. Plateau. Hotel accommodation capacity is 250 beds in 99 luxuriously furnished rooms and 4 suites that fulfill the highest hotel standards. All rooms have bathrooms, phone and Internet lines, satellite TV with 32 channels, mini bars and balconies with magnificent panorama on green meadows of Maljen Mountain. Room service is at guests' disposal throughout the day /24 hours/. Fully equipped Congress halls with capacities of 70 and 150 seats enable successful meetings and events. It is the modern Large Congress Center for big conventions to be built in the vicinity. The modern Wellness Center including swimming pool, sauna, massages and solarium provide excellent conditions for invigorate vacations.
Thanks to its favorable geographic location Divcibare Mountain and resort features mild climate. Average temperature on Divcibare Mountain is around 18°C, with autumn warmer than spring. During winter Divcibare is mainly covered with snow for 4 months what gives Divčibare exceptionally idyllic appearance. Air masses from the Mediterranean reach this area and meet with air masses from the Carpathian Mountains and from Pannonia plane causing presence of iodine in the air. In 1963 Divčibare was proclaimed the "climatic sanatorium" and the Air Spa. The major factors for healing are: low air pressure, clean air, UV radiation and psychosomatic effect this of environment on humans. Thanks to wind rose Divčibare is unique air spa in which human organism recovers from cardiovascular, pulmonary and blood diseases four time faster than usual. Divcibare is rich with springs, streams and rivers such are Bukovska, Crna, Kozlica, Krcmarska, Manastirica, Paklenica, Bela and Crna Kamenica. Manastirica River which has a spring under Kraljev sto /King's Table, 1103 m/ is very interesting since there is beautiful waterfall called Skakalo in its upper flow. The area of this impressive 20 meters high waterfall is not easily accessible therefore provide special challenge for nature explorers. Crna Reka /Black River/ flows over nearly black rocks in a dark forest, therefore this river was named properly as the black one. Special attraction of this river are its waterfalls 5-10 m high. Besides rivers and streams the area of Divčibare has numerous springs. Žujan spring is unusual, because unlike any other spring it is neither located in some gorge nor under the rock, but in spacious swampy meadow. Besides this spring, there are Hajducka cesma on Cubrica peak and Studenac spring. The water of Studenac spring is very cold and it got its name after the icy cold water. There is a flow of cold air coming out from the spring crack, therefore it is assumed a whole cave system to exist behind the spring, so far not investigated.

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