Gornja Trepca Banja Spa

Gornja Trepca Banja Spa

Atom Spa – Gornja Trepča Banja Spa is located in central Serbia and the south Sumadija in the northern part of Čačak valley. Gornja Trepca Banja Spa lies on the slopes of the Vujan and Bukovik Mountains and the river valley close to the Spa at the altitude of 460 meters. We can say that Gornja Trepča Banja Spa is situated in the triangle between the cities of Cacak, Gornji Milanovac and Kraljevo in Central Serbia, at the distance of 18 km from Cacak, Gornji Milanovac (via Vujan Monastery), 140 km from Belgrade. Natural curative factors: Water of Atomic Spa Gornja Trepča is weak alkaline, hydro-carbonate, oligo mineral, acratothema. Specific name “Atomic Spa” Trepča deals with the cause. Its water contains the highest number of minerals (potassium, calcium, sodium, chlorine, barium, silver, manganese, aluminum, lead, chromium, nickel, copper, sulfur).

Medical indications: rheumatic diseases (Chronic inflammatory, degenerative, Ekstra-artikunit rheumatism), psychoneurosis disease (multiple sclerosis, spinal arahnitis, neurosis, neurasthenia, Dystonia and depressed state), gastrointestinal tract diseases (chronic gastritis and duodenitis, ulcus stomach illness)

Medical treatment of the Gornja Trepca Spa: This spa has modern equipment and well trained staff and offers a complete physical Spa-treatment. Guests have at their disposal specialist doctors from the health resort as well as consultants from several medical fields. As an integral part of treatment in the Gornja Trepča Banja Spa recommended mandatory walk “the path of health, which leads through the beautiful forest areas and green meadows. Clean mountain air and a specific magnetic field of this place a beneficial effect on all patients who come here.

Places to see: Presveta Bogorodica – the Holy Virgin Church is located above the source, in the foothills between the mountains of Vujan and Bukovik, on the right side of a small river stream. In the Church of the Holy Theotokos there are the presentation and selection of the best plum brandy (prepečenica) so called “Šumadija queen.” The second sacral iste is the Vujan Monastery, dedicated to the Holy Archangel Michael. Vujan Monastery is extremely valuable cultural-historical monument under the protection of the state. It was built in the XIV century. Top Ethnographic treasure of this place is the old water mill and the rural cemetery. Once the area of the upper Trepca Spa had numerous water mills which are now abandoned and inactive. In the immediate vicinity of the Gornja Trepca Spa, there is rich hunting reservation. In stable of “Preljina” is horseback riding organized.