General Conditions

Opsti uslovi putovanja Panacomp zemlja cuda 2020. /Serbian/

Incoming of foreign companies also means the stimulating development of domestic companies, especially the small and middle-size companies. This gains the chance to cooperate with foreign partners as their local suppliers of providing necessary goods and services. Panacomp Wonderland Travel LCC Serbia recognizes the important role small businesses play in our economy and believes in contributing to the communities in which we work. This is the way to speed up and ease the development, also enables more efficient project realization, cause of knowledge about local trade market, but the cooperation also demands the respect of agreed and stated rules and regulations. Involvement of local authorities in partnership with private sector; investing in human resources rather than in structures obtain greater results, including sustainability strategy enables competitiveness on domestic and international markets.

Panacomp Wonderland Travel LCC Serbia has a guarantee of insolvency, travel and damage compensation of the insurance company “Milenijum osiguranje” Serbia.

Panacomp Wonderland Travel LCC SERBIA provides services to customer according to availability at the time of inquiry/booking posted on, confirming in direct mail customer’s reservation submitted in completed reservation form/mail. Requests are answered in the order they are received and normally within a few business days following receipt. Panacomp Wonderland Travel Serbia will take full responsibility for the accommodation, transport, tours, excursions, visits, activities and other services he offers to the client, whether they are offered by Panacomp itself or by third parties contracted/ offered by Panacomp /hotels, transport companies, guides, subagents, or other parties involved providing services as a result of the contract/. Panacomp is obliged to inform the client/partner of any non-availability of or alterations in services and/or facilities due to whatever reason, which are detrimental to clients in the way that they will receive less than they may reasonably expect. This particularly refers but is not limited to the health, safety and security of clients, /temporary/ non-availability of accommodation, transport, meals, facilities and services as specified in the contract. At the time of contract or thereafter Panacomp shall in no way whatsoever withhold information that can be of influence on the services provided to the client in a negative way. Such information also relates to circumstances in the area where the services are provided, and tours are conducted.

If Panacomp, after confirmation of /a/ booking /s/ in accordance with agreed reservation-procedures, cannot provide the contracted room/s/ and/or services, he shall inform the client/partner immediately and secure alternative accommodation and services of at least equal or superior classification and with similar characteristics and facilities as the contracted accommodation and acceptable to the client/s/. Panacomp shall bear the extra costs, if any, for the alternative arrangements and shall furthermore accept liability for any refund, compensation, fines or other payments that clients/partners may have to make in accordance with existing consumer rights in the country where booking has been made and upon submitting proof of payment, if requested.

Panacomp Wonderland Travel LCC Serbia confirms to hold all licenses and permits required and guarantees that third parties /subagents, accommodations, transport suppliers, guides, etc/ comply full with /inter/national and branch regulations and codes of practice related to hygiene, fire and fire precaution measures, safety and security measures, the proper functioning of all vehicles and technical installations and conduct of its guides, staff and representatives that are needed. Panacomp Wonderland Travel confirms that all vehicles are regularly serviced and are fitted with passenger seat belts. Upon demand Panacomp shall produce a copy of any safety assessment, permit and license or vehicle service record to client/partner.

This page sets forth the terms and conditions under which Panacomp Wonderland Travel LCC Serbia provides the information on this Website, as well as the terms and conditions governing customer’s use of this site. By making use of this site, customers agree to be bound by the terms and conditions we have outlined below. If clients do not accept these terms and conditions, do not continue to use or access this site. If a client wants to change or adjust an already booked itinerary/tourist service, Panacomp should do everything to meet this request, but additional costs should be charged. In the event a client requests a change or extension, whilst at the destination, Panacomp shall do everything possible, to meet the clients request and will settle the price difference with the client directly. If a client requests the services of another travel-expert in a neighbouring country and client prefers to keep all in 1 hand, the supplier can act as an intermediate. However, invoicing and payments will be done to Panacomp.

Contractual relationship exists between customer and when deposit, minimum 30% and regularly 40% of total services cost, is received by Panacomp Wonderland Travel LCC Serbia. Voucher containing services to be obtained is issued and delivered upon final payment when customer gets travel instructions.
Instructions for payment:
PANACOMP account details – instructions for EUR payment from abroad :
Bulevar Cara Lazara 96, 21000 NOVI SAD, SERBIA
IBAN – RS35355000000200685659

PANACOMP account details – instruction for dinar payment in Serbia :

PANACOMP WONDERLAND TRAVEL LCC Serbia reserves the right to cancel booking if customer does not pay the balance when due and adjust prices and times given or quoted should unpredictable circumstances make necessary /natural disasters, strikes, terrorist acts, sanitary disruptions, official interventions, war/.

Customers assume responsibility to select a trip most appropriate to their physical abilities and interests and are responsible for being in sufficiently good health to undertake their trip, so may be required to obtain a physician’s release. Customers are responsible for studying pre departure information; for bringing all necessary equipment and clothing; customers must abide by the authority of PANACOMP tour leaders and/or local agents and guides.

PANACOMP Wonderland Travel LCC Serbia has obligation to terminate the services or holiday arrangements of anyone whose behavior is causing distress, damage or annoyance to other customers, staff, nature, any third part or property. Any enforced cancellation of this nature will be subject to full cancellation charges, having no obligation to refund or compensate, or to organize or pay for the return travel arrangements. Please inquire prior submitting reservation in order to avoid misunderstandings and fulfill expectations of both contractual sides. Thank You !

Ethno-eco cultural group packages

PANACOMP Wonderland Travel LCC Serbia is obligated to operate previously properly planned, quality quoted and arranged itinerary if only the reservation dead line and minimum of participants in group is assured. Early enrollment is encouraged as group size is limited and some trips require greater preparation time.

When minimum to operate tour is not obtained, customer and PANACOMP agree upon the following alternatives: postpone reservation for the next term, accepting the particularly determined available conditions book the choice among all of PANACOMP guaranteed departures/tour packages return to customer the total amount paid.

Additional rules for customers participating in advent tour packages are determined as customer’s responsibility to assuring requested health conditions and insurance as necessity.

Pricing policies

PANACOMP Wonderland Travel – Panacomp zemlja cuda prices of tour packages are determined by number of participants enrolled and minimum is clearly specified in all programs. All PANACOMP zemlja cuda – Panacomp Wonderland Travel package prices are based on double occupancy /double-twin sharing/ and single supplement is extra charged if/when available. PANACOMP package prices include scheduled transportation during the trip unless otherwise specified; all accommodation and meals as specified in the respective itineraries; the services of experienced PANACOMP guides/local guides and sightseeing with entrance fee specified.

PANACOMP Wonderland Travel LCC Serbia will not grant partial refunds for any unused tour package – trip arrangement : voluntary missed meals, sightseeing, transport…. after the trip has commenced or any refunds to trip members who do not complete any portion of the itinerary for whatever reason. PANACOMP Wonderland Travel LCC Serbia prices does not include all travel airfare, including in-country airfare, unless otherwise specified; transfers and luggage handling unless taking group arrangement; fee for passports and visa; foreign airport tax; tips to drivers, guides and other suppliers; items of a personal nature, such as equipment rental /e.g. snorkeling…/ laundry, phone calls, alcoholic beverages, camera fees.

Individual reservation is considered for 4 or less number of participants with prices related and specified. All prices are subject to change. Prices quoted are based on exchange rate and specified in eur. Deposit and final payment is to be settled either in EUR or dinars when PANACOMP invoice received. Exchange rate upon the rate of National Bank of Serbia at the date of payment applied.

Village lodging – countryside

Accommodation facilities described and offered by PANACOMP web site present the most accurate and real situation possible in genuine Serbian private households providing services. Mostly situated in rural regions, private households are permanently inspected by state authorities, but not considered under world quality standardization, as there is none such on the world level. Village accommodation in PANACOMP offer, sometimes difficult to access due to bad road conditions, takes its genuine underdevelopment, with preserved nature and authentic traditional way of life as the unique benefit for customers, enabling them emotional and spiritual relief as the most valuable advantage for the exceptionally convenient costs of the services provided.

Business and Conference services

PANACOMP Wonderland Travel LCC Serbia mediates in organization and realization of domestic and international business events, providing some of the following services to its clients /registration, membership, accommodation, transportation, transfer/. While visa obtaining is considered, the only way that PANACOMP mediates is providing some documentation /invitation letter, voucher, flight ticket/ and giving information regarding the procedure of applying for visa. After client’s application for business event is received, PANACOMP is obliged to send the pro forma invoice with complete details on it /PANACOMP details, details regarding the person/organization that is making the payment, client’s name, full name, the date and the place of the event, payment purpose, overall amount to be paid, the date and the place of issuing the pro forma invoice, payment deadline/. The pro forma invoice must be officially signed. Besides the pro forma invoice, PANACOMP sends the contract to the client, which should be signed by both contract sides. The contract consists of precisely defined regulations regarding the specific event, the rights and obligates of both contract sides. The contract is valid only if it is signed by both contract sides. The client is obliged to make advanced payment at least 30% of the overall amount, up to 5 days from the date of pro forma invoice issuing, while the overall amount should be made according to the date which is written on the pro forma invoice. In the case of cancellation or irregular payment by the client, PANACOMP is authorized to keep the overall or parcel amount of the arrangement. The refundable level is precisely presented to the client in the moment of issuing pro forma invoice and it depends of the even type. The client may be released from penalties in the case of emergency situation, which is beyond clients’ scope and was unable to be predicted at the moment of contract ratification. If the client has valid reason for cancellation, he is obliged to provide PANACOMP with written evidences for reasonable cancellation. PANACOMP is authorized to cancel the reservation in the case of emergency situation, which is beyond its scope and was unable to be predicted at the moment of contract ratification. In that case, the overall amount which is paid by the client up to that moment will be refunded by PANACOMP.

PANACOMP right to cancel of modify contract

PANACOMP can modify or even cancel reserved services before or during in case of unpredictable circumstances that could not be predicted, avoided or rectified. In that case PANACOMP has to offer alternative services which is to be done only with customer’s approval / offered services have to be the same or a higher quality that the original one. PANACOMP has a right to consult the customer and charge the difference in price if offered services are priced minimum 15% more than the already paid/. If no alternative services available, customer will get a full refund.

Customer rights for changes and cancellation

Canceling reservation has to be done in written form, regulated by specific PANACOMP services categories conditions /ethno-eco-cultural tours, village lodging, business and convention services, educational and advent tours/ Cancelling in writing requires cancellation fee determined based upon the cancellation date, as follows :
20% of the total price if cancelled at least 59 days prior the beginning of services
40% of the total price if cancelled 58-15 days prior the beginning of services
60% of the total price if cancelled 14-8 days prior the beginning of services
80% of the total price if cancelled 7-2 days prior the beginning of services
100% of the total price if cancelled a day before, or at the same day when services should start

In case customer has a reasonable reason to cancel reservation, it is obligatory to provide PANACOMP the proof for the cancellation.

PANACOMP commitments

PANACOMP Wonderland Travel LCC Serbia is obligated to make sure all the paid services have been provided as well as the selection of suppliers, and that the customer’s rights and interests comply with the good customs in the tourism. PANACOMP will be responsible for all the paid services that were not provided to customer. PANACOMP acts as an agent for the owners and/or contractors providing the services and means of transportation specified. PANACOMP Wonderland Travel LCC Serbia assumes no responsibility in connection with any injury, death, loss, accident or delay which may be occasioned either by reason of defect or through the acts of default of any company or person engaged in carrying arrangements of the tour. No responsibility is accepted for any changes in schedule or other events resulting from improper health certificates or travel documents or as any or seasonal variations, labor strike, civil disturbance, political unrest and natural acts.


If customer has a complaint about services provided by PANACOMP Wonderlad Travel LCC Serbia, it is obligatory to report the complaint on the spot in writing and to put it upon returning from holidays and end of services. PANACOMP Wonderland Travel LCC Serbia must provide customer with a full reply within 30 days. If customer find PANACOMP respond unacceptable, customer can start a lawsuit. This case matters resolving is subject through the exclusive jurisdiction of the Serbian State Courts.

Travel Insurance

Travel risk insurance is not covered by the published prices so individual insurances must be obtained. Some tour involve high altitude, extreme temperatures and varying lengths of duration which affect people differently. Certain tours including those involving high altitude require a medical questionnaire to be completed by a physician regardless of age.

Use of Site

One may use or download content displayed on PANACOMP site for non-commercial personal use. One may also use or download content for promotion of PANACOMP products. One may not use or download content for any other commercial purpose without PANACOMP prior written permission. PANACOMP has not reviewed all the sites linked to this Site and is not responsible for the content of any linked sites or any link contained in a site or any changes or updates to such sites (collectively “useful links”). PANACOMP does not endorse or make any representations regarding any linked sites. One’s linking to any linked sites is at own risk. PANACOMP also assumes no responsibility, and shall not be liable for, any damages to, or viruses that may infect one’s computer equipment or other property on account of one’s access to, use of, or browsing in the site or one’s downloading of content from the site. PANACOMP may at any time modify these Terms of Site Usage and one’s continued use of this site will be conditioned upon the Terms of Site Usage in force at the time of one’s use.

Comments, Feedback and Other Submissions

Any questions, comments, suggestions, ideas, images, movies one submit to the Site or PANACOMP by electronic mail or otherwise will be treated as non-confidential and non-proprietary. Anything one submit may be used by PANACOMP for any purpose, including, but not limited to, reproduction, disclosure, transmission, publication, broadcast and posting. Furthermore, PANACOMP is free to use any ideas, concepts, know-how, or techniques contained in any communication one sends to the site for any purpose whatsoever including, but not limited to, developing, manufacturing, and marketing products using such information. We hold the sources of information used for the purposes of this site to be reliable, however, views expressed here may be influenced by possible inaccuracies and/or incompleteness of the quoted data sources.


One should assume that all Content on the PANACOMP site is copyrighted (unless otherwise noted), and may not be used, except as provided in these Terms or in text on the Site, without the prior written permission of PANACOMP. Content displayed on the site are either the property of, or used with permission by PANACOMP.


The trademarks, service mark, designs and logos (collectively, the “Trademarks”) displayed on PANACOMP Site are the registered and unregistered Trademarks of PANACOMP and others. Nothing contained on PANACOMP website should be construed as granting, by implication or otherwise, any license or right to use any Trademark displayed on the site without the written permission of PANACOMP or such third party that may own the Trademarks displayed on the site. The pictures used in PANACOMP promotion and Site are copyright protected and can not be used without PANACOMP prior consent.

Data Protection and Privacy Policy

Customer’s privacy is important to PANACOMP Wonderland Travel. Customer’s data, e-mail address and name, street address and telephone number are stored in PANACOMP database. Panacomp Wonderland Travel LCC Serbia is responsible for the personal data, such as names, email addresses and telephone numbers of potential customers that have been collected as a result of them completing the application form with the aim of receiving a personalised travel proposal. Panacomp Wonderlad Travel LCC Serbia also has more extensive personal data of its customers, such as address details, dates of birth, passport data, dietary needs/allergies and insurance data, collected as a result of the processing of these data when booking a trip. Finally, Panacomp Wonderland Travel LCC Serbia has access to names, telephone numbers and email addresses of emergency contacts of Panacomp clients, which have been collected during booking and can only be used in case of an emergency.

A client is aware that the organizer had adjusted its business with the Law on data protection and agrees to freely provide personal data that are part of the contract to the organizer, that are considered confidential and can be used only according to conditions of the Law on protection of personal data : date and place of birth, passport number, phone number, e mail, address … A client is confident and agrees to proivde personal data to the organizer for the purpose of realization of the contracted travel service/tour, and such data can not be proceeded to the other subject, except to the authorities as per specific regulations of the Law on protection of personal data.

PANACOMP Wonderland Travel LCC Serbia will not sell, rent, trade, or give customer’s name, e-mail address, street address or any other personal information to any other organization. In order to process booking and to ensure travel arrangements run smoothly and meet customer requirements, PANACOMP needs to use the information provided from customer, such as name, address, any special needs etc. PANACOMP takes full responsibility for ensuring that proper security measures are in place to protect customer’s information and customer can be assured that PANACOMP will not pass any information onto any person not responsible for any part of customer travel arrangements. PANACOMP must pass the information on to the appropriate authorities or relevant suppliers of customer’s travel arrangements such as airlines, hotels, transport companies etc. and if believes that such release is reasonably necessary to comply with the law, or to protect the property or safety of PANACOMP or any of its affiliated companies, employees, users, or others. Future changes to PANACOMP privacy policy will be posted in advance on PANACOMP page