Durmitor Zabljak Rural Tourism

Durmitor is National Park of Montenegro covering 39000 ha and massif in Northwestern Montenegro that reaches a height of 2,522 meters /stunning Bobotov Kuk peak/. The breathtaking Durmitor National park was formed by glaciers and is traversed by clean fast rivers and underground streams. The massif of Durmitor Mountain is bordered by the gorgeous Tara River Canyon on the north, Piva River Canyon on the west, and by the challenging Komarnica River Canyon on the south. To the east, Durmitor National Park is open to a vast 1500 meter high plateau called Jezerska Površ (Plateau of Lakes). Sinjajevina Mountain is located to the east of Jezerska Površ Plateau. Durmitor mountain range is for the most part located in Zabljak Municipality. Durmitor Mountain features 18 scenic glacial lakes scattered over mountain massif and Jezerska Površ plateau. The lakes add significantly to the beauty of the Durmitor Mountain, and have been nicknamed Gorske Oči, or Mountain Eyes. They are Crno Lake, Veliko Škrčko Lake, Malo Škrčko Lake, Zeleni Vir, Jablan Lake, Valovito Lake, Vir u Lokvicama, Srablje Lake, Modro Lake, Suva Lokva Lake, Zminje Lake, Barno Lake, Pošćensko Lake, Zabojsko Lake, Vražje Lake, Riblje Lake, Zminčko Lake and Sušičko Lake.