Dulka’s Wine House Sremski Karlovci

Dulka’s Wine House Sremski Karlovci

The Dulka Winery in Sremski Karlovci is one of the oldest in Vojvodina. The history of the reputed Dulka winery and notable wine cellar of the Dragojlovic Family dates from 1920, when the grand-grand father had taken the wine-growing business from his parents, and became the member of then large Association -Community- of wine producers in Sremski Karlovci. During time, the notable Dragojlovic – nickname Dulka family from Sremski Karlovci had put lots of efforts in hard and meticulous cultivation of their vineyards, and cooperated with large wine cellars, constantly developing its production equipment and capacities. At present, the Dulka Winery possesses 10 hectares of vineyards around Sremski Karlovci on the most beautiful slopes of Fruska Gora, planted with world most recognized grape varieties and fruits, that are processes with the most contemporary systems for the highest quality of grape procession, while the wines and other products experience proper storage in the wine cellars, under constant temperature.

Along the new trends in wine production and representation of viticulture products, the Dulka Winery is for years successfully engaged in wine tourism. In the close proximity of the historically famous Chapel of Peace in Sremski Karlovci, visitors enjoy in touring the museum and tasting of finest wines in the authentic wine cellar, along with related food, that makes the whole compound of the perfectly clean, spacious and nicely appointed Winery, surrounded with fresh grass and fragrant roses, and number of agricultural tools and wine barrows. Visit to this unique collection of authentic furniture and refined house fittings of the original Vojvodina and German household of the beginning of the 20th century, provides visitors a real insight into the rich tradition of viticulture of Fruska Gora and Sremski Karlovci, and the long-lasting traditions of grape growing and wine production of the Dulka Family. The Chardonnay Wine of the Dulka Winery possesses fresh fruity scent and specially refreshing taste. The Sauvignon Blanc wine of the Dulka Winery features extremely floral and recognizable “sauvignon” flavor, with gentle Muscat aroma of elder and a rose, which comes from grape variety cultivated beside the Danube River, with unique sun exposure. The real wine connoisseurs will recognize this wine, and surely will compare with the rare international sauvignon of good quality. Thanks to its bouquet this wine is perfect served also as aperitif, and specially deserves food that lack dominant flavors, so that its royal strength distinguishes itself. The Sauvignon Blanc wine of the Dulka Winery goes along all kinds of salads and vegetables, sushi, chicken and turkey, while it is also very good with all kinds of fish. The “Italian Riesling” of the Dulka Winery was numerous times awarded with gold medals on wine fairs in Serbia. The Lady Rose /Damski Roze/ of the Dulka Winery is fresh, harmonious wine of fruity flavor, suitable for enjoyment in special occasions. The Royal Cabernet Sauvignon is found at the Dulka Winery in its real style, strong, with lots of flavors of matured fruits and the famous scent of violet. In any case, this wine is true revelation for the real experts and wine lovers. The bermet – traditional dessert aromatic wine of Sremski Karlovci and the famous and highly reputed Ausbruh make enjoyment of visitors fulfilled, while inspiring them by their old, secret and beneficial ingredients, served with fantastic kugloff, also prepared along the original recipe, of a coffee. The limited number of bottles of those delicate wines come yearly from the Dulka Winery, prepared along the specific family production process, kept as the most secret issue.

The Jabukova Rakija /Apple Brandy/ is natural brandy made of specially selected fruits from the Dulka orchards. The predominant sort is the Gloster apple,which reaches its noble smell and taste at the end of August. This rakia is for years prized with large golden medals with the highest average ranking at the Novi Sad Agricultural Fair. The Grape Brandy is natural brandy of grapes, prepared along the traditional recipe of old winegrowers of Sremski Karlovci. The most dominant soft of grape that exists in this brandy is the “župljanka”, which brings a special aroma to it. There are two kinds of this rakia that differ by strength, since the one grades up to 18% of alcohol and the other one is graded up to 21% of alcohol. The Apple Jam with apricot comes also from the own production, beside the vineyards, and is prepared along the old recipe from the Grandmother Cook Book, without conserves, artificial colors and aroma. The Quince and Pear Brandies are products for all who respect highest quality of spirits and make a fine souvenir choice or gift from the Dulka Winery. Visitors of the Dulka Winery are specially enchanted and excited when taking part in vineyard /hard/ works during the grape harvest in the autumn, together with the owners of the winery, which provides extraordinary opportunity to discover advantages and challenges of the viticulture that the owners are traditionally involved in. Selling of the products of the Dulka Winery is organized at the wine cellar in Sremski Karlovci and two wine shops in Novi Sad. Sremski Karlovci is a cozy town on the right bank of the Danube, on the gentle slopes of the Fruska Gora Mountain, 6 km away from Novi Sad and 4 km away from Petrovaradin, on the old road to Belgrade.

The usual wine tasting in the authentic wine cellar of the Dulka Winery in Sremski Karlovci includes tasting of 6 wines and homemade bread and seasonal salad, or tasting of 6 wines, along with the usual brunch /homemade bread, salad/ plus the smoked kulen, ham and sausage. At the Dulka Winery in Sremski Karlovci it is also possible to arrange a wine tasting served with original Hungarian paprikash /goulash/, or the big meal that includes authentic specialties, as the starter of the various freshly baked filled pastry, salad, rolled stuffed roasted pork or chicken, homemade poppy-seed and nut strudel or the extraordinary rich buffet that contains the finest and most tasty specialties of the Fruska Gora and Sremski Karlovci wine region. Thanks to its fully refurbished amenities of the once the spacious German house, and nicely appointed wine tasting space with floor heating, visit to the Dulka Winery and enjoyment in delicious products is organized throughout the year. Our visitors and we claim that outside beauty of the Dragojlovic family members and the Dulka Winery owners come from their inner beauty, the hard work in vineyards, but surely from the life philosophy of the specific order and culture, and respect and enjoyment in wines, as the wine is the natural source of invigoration, which enhances the intellect and creativity. The Dulka Winery owners respond : Wine is like a human being – the moment we believe we know him/her, it surprises us with a new beauty !