Drina Zepter Villa Bajina Basta

Drina Zepter Villa Bajina Basta

The Drina Villa is set amidst the lush greenery of the Perućac settlement at the foot of the Tara National Park, in southwest Serbia. The Drina Villa is set between the two rivers – the Drina and the Vrelo Rivers. Close next to the Drina Villa there is the Vrelo River, the shortest river of Europe, only 365 meters long, that rushes into the Drina River, creating the breathtaking waterfall. Thanks to its location, guests staying at the Drina Villa take memorable impressions on their vacations spent here, with healthy and invigorating nigh sleep, close to the waterfall murmur..

The luxury Drina Villa has been built between the two world wars in the refined style of architecture, and was recently fully refurbished, last time in February 2015 when the highest standards of hotel business were applied, to please guests and fulfill their demands and wishes for comfort. All amenities of the Drina Villa in Bajina Basta make it a special gem in the tourist map of Serbia.

With the aim to provide guests the highest comfort, the total surface of 570 sq m is designed into only 13 accommodation units  : 2 studio apartments  – 25 sq m, 8 double rooms (17 – 25 sq m), 2 single rooms /16 sq m/ and a Family Room with 5 beds and size of 36 sq m. All rooms of the Drina Villa in Bajina Basta in Perucac settlement are air-conditioned, and equipped with phones, LCD TVs (Total TV), Internet connection, and a baby cot, when needed. The Drina Villa in Bajina Basta is set close to the main road which connects Bajina Basta urban center with the Perucac settlement on the Perucac Lake /13 km/. The Drina Zepter Villa features a spacious parking and arranged children playground for fun, all surrounded with thick vegetation and flowers.

Although the Drina Villa features its restaurant with 40 seats, guests staying here are warmly recommended to have their meals in the nearby Vrelo Restaurant /20 meters away/, which provides special experiences of the waterfalls, besides the finest tastes. The Vrelo River is several times intersected with wooden terraces where tables are set, while most of the tables are directly set above the waterfalls, surrounded with large trees, that provide pleasant sun shade and cool atmosphere. Only few steps away are the store, post office and the bank. Within 200 meters there is the Mramorje necropolis, and source of the Vrelo River, the old Mill, the fishpond, and a small Hydro-power plant, built in 1927….  By easy and pleasant walk, visitors reach the wonderful Perucac Lake and the Perucac Hydro-power Plant, which feature the beach and children pools. During their stay at the Drina Zepter Villa in Bajina Basta, visitors have plenty of activities at their disposal : local tourist excursions along the Tara National Park and to the most breathtaking observation points, visit to the Raca Monastery, Sargan Train ride, MTB ride, boat ride and cruise along the Perucac Lake of the Drina River, stand – up paddling, horse back riding, picking up medicinal herbs, hiking, canyoning, visit to the famous BB Kleka Distillery with tasting one of the best rakijas – brandies of Serbia….