Despotika Winery Smederevska Palanka

Despotika Winery Smederevska Palanka

Despotika Winery is located near Smederevska Palanka, in the northeast part of Šumadija, once covered with dense deciduous forests. The Despotika Winery belongs to the Šumadija district, Krnjevački wine-growing region, and from the winery a beautiful view stretches across the valley of the river Jasenice, which flows through this area, all the way to Avala, Kosmaj, Bukulje, Venčac, Oplenac and mine.

Desire of the owners of the Despotika Winery is to promote rich Serbian culture, oenological tradition and cuisine by production of top-quality wines from the best grapes used from their own vineyards. Using the inherited experience of the ancestors, in combination with modern knowledge, owners want to show the bright side of Serbia. Visitors of the Despotika Winery are offered with variety of excellent aromas and flavors of wines after exploration of very interesting exhibition of specially collected copies of manuscripts and precious historical documents and tools for grape growing and wine production in Serbia.

Modern facility of the Despotika Winery is functional in terms of production, and attractive to visitors for its abundance of contents that provide, built fully under environmentally and energy requirements of modern age… In accordance with the principle that a building of winery has no longer just a manufacturing role but much more than that, in cooperation with the architects of the Belgrade bureau “Concrete and Flower”, the owners of the Despotika Winery established the facility that is the good example in the wine sector and the surrounding for its functionality and environmental and energy reduction principles.

As its name suggests and as tradition dictates, the wine cellar of the Despotika Winery was dug in the ground in order to provide the baric room for wine aging in oak barrels, and the place for maturing of the wine in bottles and the archives. Burial depth up to 10meters below the surface of the wine cellar of the Despotika Winery guarantees optimum conditions for storing wine in a modern interior which solution greatly contributes to the unforgettable experience of every visitor.

Winery Despotika owns of  12 hectares of vineyards, located in three locations in two wine regions of Serbia, as exploration of options that provide different terroir. On location in the Golobok village near Smederevska Palanka there is around 5 hectares of vineyards, planted with international varieties of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Sauvignon Blanc. Those are locations where are vineyards for centuries been under the vines and culture and the tradition of growing vines in this micro location of Krnjevo wine-growing area. In the same wine-growing region there is the Despotika Winery facility, surrounded with about 5 hectares of vineyards of the local indigenous Morava and Prokupac varieties. Prokupac variety was grown on a traditional Župa silvicultural form while the Morava variety is planted in plantations. The Despotika Winery owns another 5 hectares of vineyards in the wine-growing region of Grocka, belonging to the Belgrade area. In this site, located about 50km from the Despotika Winery were planted international varieties of Muscat Ottonel, Riesling, White Pino and Pino Noir.

On the slopes of Umčari rolling hills, an area of 5 hectares of plantations were raised red varieties Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir and white Pinot Blanc Rhine Riesling, and Muscat Ottonel.  On location in the cadastre called Vineyards, on the south exposition locals since ancient times cultivated the vine.

Not far from the Despotika winery, in the Golobok village, on the hill called Paučina, planted about 5 hectares of vineyards with grape varieties of Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. The composition of land, southern exposure, a slight slope and pleasant breezes guarantee high quality grapes from this location.

Beskraj wine of the Despotika Winery brings harmony of variety and climate. The smell of moderate intensity slowly introduced in taste. The dominant minerality, with delicate herbal aromas and pleasant acids, form a complex and lengthy wine that demands all the attention consumers.

Morava wine on first impression evolves primary herbal aromas, then come hints of dried meadow flowers. This Morava wine when poured into the bottle has flavor that precisely reflects the climate from which it originates. It is a unique character, with a dominant aroma of white vineyard peach. Medium body and harmonious acid, the wine of the new era and reflects a combination of skill oenologists and quality of grapes.

Nebo wine of the Despotika Winery Pinot Blanc brings harmony and balance. Discreet floral fragrance, complete with aromas of oak, announces the full and lasting wine. The taste is dominant Fund acid, fullness, extractives and duration. In the light aromas of white fruits, oak aromas are adjacent to, and in the subsequent taste remains the dominant fruitiness.

The Znamen wine at first impression provides consumer it is a dry wine. However, this semi-sweet Riesling opulent fruity, expressed acids resulting from the rainy year as it was in 2014, the intention is skillfully balanced residual sugar and sweetness that almost does not notice. Pronounced citrus aromas, tropical fruit, pineapple, and meadow honey in the background.

Dodir wine of the Despotika Winery on the nose provides rich aroma, and the scent of white roses is very delicate and gentle, but soon develops into mature floral notes of elder, herbs and spices. The taste of this wine carries the best of three varieties from which is made, aromas of Muscat, fine acids and minerality Sauvignon and Pinot fullness create in this wine perfect balance. In the finale reflects the strong fruit character with dominant notes of citrus and apples.

Wine Zmajeviti is dry red wine produced from a selected grapes of Prokupac variety from the own vineyards. Intensive ruby red color, and the smell dominated by notes of cherry, raspberry, plum and sweet spices. This wine is full-bodied, fresh and crunchy acid velvet structure complexity in the mouth brings flavors of blackberry, pomegranate, raspberry and a wide variety of herbal aroma. A well balanced wine, long finish aged in barrique barrels made of Serbian oak.

Nemir is wine produced from Cabernet, characterized by bright ruby red color, whose intensity announces the fullness of the wine. Interesting aroma is rich with the scent of red berries, with gentle feel of floral notes and spices, typical of ripe Cabernet. The taste is moderately full of pleasant freshness, aromatic and easy likeable.

Svedok wine of the Despotika Winer is epitome of delicate Pinot noir and the wine of exceptional fruitiness, appealing and seductive. The smell of red berries, characteristic of the variety, develops and shows all the complexities of this full-bodied wine. Velvety structure, with a pleasant acid and a variety of fruit flavors are extremely balanced, and make the impression of taste.

Trag wine features intense ruby color with red to dark orange reflections. Pronounced fruity, with intense flavors of black berries and mild spicy notes. Long “Jam” finale, dry, rounded, delicate, with a pronounced fine tannins have calmed down aging in the bottle and elegant vanilla finish achieved by subtle aged in barriques.