Cruising along the Danube

Cruising along the Danube



Djerdap National Park and the Iron Gate Gorge of the Danube, Belgrade and Ram and Golubac Fortresses, Lepenski Vir an Viminacium archaeological sites

 Belgrade – Viminacium site – Kostolac – Ram Fortress – Veliko Gradište – Golubac Fortress – Djerdap Gorge – Donji Milanovac – Tekija – Kladovo

Day 1: Meeting of passengers at 07,30 at the Port of Belgrade (Karadjordjeva street, next to the Branko’s Bridge) and departure of bus at 08,00. The tour starts from the Belgrade Fortress and continues direction Viminacium Archaeological site, where we explore one of the first Roman stronghold on the Danube and the military camp, built during the 1st century. Viminacium once was the capital of the Upper Moesia, while in the 3rd and the 4th century the large settlement was created on its foundations. Archaeological excavations are still carried out, and they prove some great discoveries, of which some are known and researched. Return bus transfer to the Port of Kostolac and embarkation on the Aquastar Maxim boat and cruising along the Danube River, up to the Tekije point. Passing by the Medieval Ram Fortress, built at the end of the 15th century, for the safe and secure entry or exit from occupied Serbia. Continuation of  cruising by the Silver Lake and Veliko Gradiste, passing by the Golubac Fortress where we enter the Djerdap National Park, with short photo shooting. Cruising through the longest and deepest gorge of Europe, known as the Iron Gate Gorge, where the Danube River course is most beautiful. This area features unique flora and fauna and testifies to the remains of one of the earliest settlements in Europe. Cruising by the town of Donji Milanovac, observation of the spot where the Roman emperor Traian left his remarkable historical trace of the Traian Plaque – the Tabula Traiana. Arrival to small village of Tekije after approximately 6 hours of cruising along the Danube and short transfer to the Aquastar Danube Hotel in Kladovo (4*) . Accommodation, dinner, overnight.

Day 2: After breakfast free time for individual program and SPA activities at the pool or sauna, or some of the chosen local excursions :

Excursion 1: Kladovo – Archaeological Museum – Diana Roman Fortress – HE Đerdap – Traian Bridge ruins – Kladovo (3,5h). Tour of the Archaeological Museum of Djerdap provides insight into significant testimony on various cultures of the pre-historical and the Roman and the Medieval periods of history on the Danube River. We continue for the short tour of the Diana Roman fortification, followed with the visit to the Hydro-power Plant of Djerdap, built in 1974 as the largest construction project in Europe of its time, which significantly changed the Danube landscape, local settlements and villages, as well as the cultural and historical monuments in its surroundings. Visit to the remains of the former famous Traian Bridge, which was used  for the next 1000 years after its construction when was considered the largest bridge in the world, of its time.  The bridge was built by the order of the Emperor Traian at the beginning of the 2nd century AD for the purpose to span the river and make possible transportation of the Roman army in its invasion of the Dacian tribes. Return to hotel and wine tasting of the Kladovo area wines. Price of excursion : 15 EUR per person, payment at the hotel

Excursion 2: Kladovo – Vratna – Rajačke pimnice /Rajac Wineries/ – Kladovo (7h). Drive to the village of Vratna and walking tour of the three highest natural stone bridges in Europe, set above the river of the same name. In the nearby vicinity of this natural phenomenon there is the Vratna Monastery built in the 14th century, legend has it. Continuation via Negotin to the Rajac village and visit to the famous Rajac Wineries. According to the official data this complex contains some 160 structures of wine cellars with underground containers that are used for production and storage of wine. This wine region is famous for high quality wines which we will taste, and continue with the traditional lunch. Return to the Aquastar Hotel, dinner an overnight.

Price of excursion: 25 EUR per person, payment at the hotel.

Day 3:  Kladovo – HE Djerdap – Tekija – Lepenski Vir site – Golubac Fortress – Smederevo Fortress – Belgrade

After breakfast check out from the hotel, at 08,30. Departure bus transfer to the Port of Kladovo, embarkation at the Aquastar Maxim boat at 08,40. Cruising along the Danube starts in Kladovo with passing through the largest water lock in Europe at the HE Djerdap. Disembarkation from the Aquastar Maxim boat in Tekije village and continuation of the tour to Belgrade with bus. Drive along the Danube River course to the Lepenski Vir Archaeological site, one of the earliest urban settlements of Europe and the world which represents the highest human achievements of the Stone Age  (6500 BC). After sightseeing of the site we continue to Golubac for lunch. Drive on further to the Smederevo Fortress and tour of the next Danube fortification, which was built between 1428-1439 during the reign of despot Djuradj Brankovic. Ottoman conquest of the Smederevo Fortress in 1459 marked the end of the Serbian Medieval state. At present this fortress is the largest preserved stronghold in the flat areas of Europe, and walk through its corridors provide visitors discover some secrets of the Brankovic Family and its residences. Approximate end of the tour in the evening.

Price : 195 EUR per person /double occupancy/

Single supplement : 40  EUR, usual children discount applied

Included : Cruising along the Danube as per program, from Kostolac to Tekije on Day 1 and from Kladovo to Tekije on Day 3, bus transfer Belgrade – Kostolac and from Tekije to Kladovo on Day 1, and from Tekije to Belgrade on the final 3rd Day, lunch on Aquastar Maxim boat on Day 1, accommodation at the Aquastar Danube Hotel in Kladovo,  4* with half-board services  (buffet dinner and breakfast), SPA an Wellness facilities (pools, sauna…), local tax and insurance of passengers on the boat and in the hotel, lunch in Golubac, entrance fees for the sites of Lepenski Vir, Viminacium and the Smederevo Fortress, services of tourist guide and organization support costs.

Not included : drinks during cruising and in hotel, excursions and individual expenses

The program may be changed and adopted in unforeseen condition cases

Luxury boat Aquastar Maxim was built in 2014. This cruiser is 28 meters long and 7 meters wide. Capacity of 70 seats in the lounge area of the Aquastar Maxim boat is equipped with a bar portion and two large LCD high-resolution monitors and the modern sound system. The Aquastar Maxim Cruiser is equipped on the upper sun deck with an adequate number of deck chairs, which contributes to the full enjoyment of the cruise.