Club Hotel RTB Bor Brestovacka Banja Spa

Club Hotel RTB Bor Brestovacka Banja Spa

Brestovacka Banja Spa is located in East Serbia, 7 km away from town of Bor, 4 km away from the Brestovac village, 280 km southeast of Belgrade, at the altitude of 385 meters. Brestovacka Banja Spa is natural spa resort of Serbia, surrounded with forested areas which spread on surface of 90 ha.

Recently fully refurbished facility of the RTB Bor Club Hotel in Brestovačka Banja Spa boasts comfortable accommodation of up to 50 beds in nicely appointed single, double and triple rooms and apartments, located in two connected parts of the structure. Former President Tito of Yugoslavia used to stay in one of its parts, situated above the spacious restaurant and beautiful terrace surrounded with forest and greenery. Here there are rooms with balconies which look over the forests of Brestovacka Banja Spa, equipped with stylish furniture, various premises and amenities that evoke “good past times”, while on the upper floor there are highly luxurious rooms and apartments with and without balconies, decorated and equipped along the highest hotel and tourist standards. Some of rooms of the RTB Club Hotel in Brestovacka Banja Spa can be joined by connected doors so to provide more beds and space for joint companies or families. In the restaurant with 300 seats are served delicious traditional and international specialties, as well as rich choice of drinks and excellent wines of the Timok region. Here you can get authentic ayvar, various cheeses and kachkavals produced under traditional technology of East Serbia, kaymak, fresh salads, pies with nettles and spinach, finest original food of East Serbia, proudly prepared by chefs….. Terrace of the Club Hotel of the RTB Bor in Brestovacka Banja makes excellent place for relaxing moments, memorable weddings or various cocktails, parties and receptions. Within the facility of the Club-hotel RTB Bor in Brestovacka Banja Spa there are two meeting halls, equipped with all needed for successful meetings and events for up to 100 participants. The facility of the RTB Club Hotel in Brestovacka Banja Spa is exceptional destination for tourists, family vacations and business clients and one of the best accommodation in this part of Serbia.

In close proximity of Brestovačka Banja Spa are Zlotske pećine /Zlot Caves/, Borsko jezero /Bor Lake/ which is 10 km away, archaeological site of Felix Romuliana – the Imperial Palace which is UNESCO site, and Gamzigrad Banja Spa. Guests visiting Brestovačka Banja Spa can visit konak Kneza Miloša /Prince Milos Obrenovic Manor/ built in 1837, which is example of Serbian architecture of the first half of the 19th century, Palace of Prince Aleksandar Karađorđevic from 1856, where life was organized as in European palaces and ceremonies were performed, the Turkish baths, and reconstructed old spa baths. The historical-ethnographic exhibition of Mining and Metallurgy Museum of Bor is on display in the premises of Milošev konak. In 1905 King Petar I Karađorđević built the summer residence and first baths in Brestovačka Banja Spa, and the first„ Izletnik” Hotel was opened in 1906 which is considered the first hotel in Serbia. Brestovačka Banja Spa is one of three royal spas where members of the both Serbian royal families spent their vacations – dynasties of Obrenovićs and Karađorđevićs.

On banks of Pujica river there are several medicinal springs featuring micro-elements of chlor, Calcium, Copper, Brome, Lithium, Magnesium and other…. Heavy metal toxicity, poly-neuritis, joint-arthritis and non-joint-arthritis, rheumatism, sciatica, neuron-vegetative diseases and neuralgia are treated in Brestovacka Banja Spa. Climate in Brestovacka Banja Spa is moderate-continental, with mountainous influence and characteristics of sub alpine climate, with about 200 sunny days per year

Guests staying in Brestovacka Banja Spa are offered with interesting activities which make their vacations interesting and: walking, trekking, bathing in spa and swimming in Bor Lake, underwater swim, fishing, hunting, mountaineering, picking medicinal herbs, harvesting forest plants, mountain-bike cycling, discovering way of life in rustic hamlets, where sheep milking and sheering is performed, production of authentic cheese and kackavalj…