Balasevic Motel Rtanj Mountain

Balasevic Motel Rtanj Mountain

“BALASEVIC” Motel is located 220 km south of Belgrade on wonderful and magical Rtanj Mountain, one of the most beautiful Serbian mountains. Rtanj Mountain, as the part of the south Carpathians, spreads its range ending with remarkable stunning cliff with unforgettably perfect shape reminding of a pyramid or hat. Rtanj s Mountain highest peak Siljak (1560 m) represents the unique natural karts phenomenon, while the surrounding mountains mostly spread their ranges on the altitude between 500-1000 m. The northern side of Rtanj Mountain is covered with forests and flowering meadows full of springs with fresh-drinking waters known for diversity of game. Exceptional sorts of medicinal herbs and mushrooms is found here. Rtanj Mountain and the tourist-sport Center Balasevic provide an exceptional natural conditions for outdoor and active vacations in a beautiful setting, all in favor of good health, invigoration and relaxation.

Tourist-Sport Center and the Motel “Balasevic” on Rtanj Mountain offers accommodation in 10 completely new wooden chalets surrounded with greenery and trees, with fantastic views of the Rtanj Mountain. Accommodation capacity of the Balasevic Tourist-Sport Center on Rtanj Mountain make 3 double rooms, 1 triple rooms, 6 king-beds rooms, that truly combine the amenities of the modern world with a special rustic character. “Hajducka Kuca” Unit /Brigand’s House/ provides comfortable stay in 13 fully equipped rooms in cozy atmosphere with capacity of 30 comfortable beds of massive wood. Restaurant premises with 250 seats welcomes variety of events and parties and serve delicious traditional organic meals.

Unique invigorating and pleasant experience is the Rtanj medicinal herbs tea served in the bar.  Wide choice of Serbian traditional organic meals is offered in the restaurant with capacity of 200 seats in the main building of the Balasevic Tourist-sport Center. The next pleasant small hall with a fire-place facilitates up to 30 visitors. Special feature of this traditional resort is the authentic wooden chalet – vajat with 30 seats and original decoration, where visitors may prepare food themselves and spend great time in the evening. Fulfillment of all senses after a long walk through the stunning landscape of the Rtanj Mountain is assured in the gym, Jacuzzi, Sauna and the “steam-bath” of the mini Wellness Center, as well as the newly built outdoor pool, which provides genuine relax and invigoration of visitors in any weather conditions, thanks to the movable cover above it and the indoor pool section with hydro-massage.

Places to see : Felix Romuliana Archaeological Site, Zajecar National Museum, nearby hunting ground covering the surface of 6 368 ha rich in wild boar and roe deer; Zlots’ Forests – Crni Vrh /the Black Peak/ as the Kucaj Mountain massif, 20 km from town of Bor, covering 15 447 ha of mountainous wildlife, with famous “Dubasnica” hunting grounds, home of precious wild game; Lazar’s Cave; The area around the Balasevic motel is perfect for nature-lovers, bird-watchers and outdoor enthusiasts with breathtaking mountain views and wild greenery teeming with birds and other wildlife;  perfect for either a memorable outdoor organic meal with your family completed with a relaxing stroll or extreme sports such are mountain climbing and gliding in heart of ecosystem and wildlife, with many experiences yet to be discovered.