Aleksandrovic Winery Topola

Aleksandrovic Winery Topola

Ever since the earliest times the hilly Oplenac area in Central Serbia was used by humans for grape growing. It was this wine region and the village of Vinca itself from where the Aleksandrovic Winery originated, and are deeply rooted, but got its name from the distant past. It was in the Roman time the village called Vincea, and in the Middle Ages the Vinica, while today it is the Vinča village which directly determines the main engagement of the local population from distant past. At the beginning of the 20th century the Vencac Cooperative of Winegrowers was established in the vicinity of the Vinca village, and later the vineyards and the wine cellar of the kings Petar and Aleksandar Karađorđević, who spred the fame of the Oplenac wines throughout Europe.

The Aleksandrović Family is more than 100 years engaged in grape growing and wine production. The Aleksandrovic Family closely cooperated with wine growers and wine producers of the royal vineyards since the foundation of the Royal Winery. In 1903 the grand-grand father Miloš Aleksandrović was one of the founders of the Vencac Cooperative of Winegrowers, and at the beginning of the Second WW the family possessed some 30.000 of vines. The family tradition of viticulture and wine production was succeeded by grand father Života and Aleksandar Aleksandrović. In 1992 when Zivan Tadic, famous wine grower of the royal winery who immigrated to Canada after the WWII, learnt that the Aleksandrovic family is to reestablish the Oplenac wine tradition, he sent the original recipe to the Vinca village of the Trijumf – Triumph grape variety – the highest quality wine of the Royal Winery that was consumed nearly in all European courts before the WWII. It is how the Aleksandrovic wine cellar started writing of the new page of the family tradition in grape growing and wine production, along the bleach yellowish document, and relaying on experiences of ancestors, and the new scientific knowledge and modern technology.

The new phase in development of the Aleksandrović Winery begun in 2000 when the new Winery was constructed and the new and the most modern equipment for production of the highest quality wines was completed. Today the Aleksandrović Family and its wines make the leading Serbian private winery which uses 75 hectares of own vineyards planted with high quality grape varieties for their wine production. The Aleksandrović vineyards are located only few kilometers from the winery in three locations – Vinča, Ježevac and Bokanja, which features different micro-climatic conditions and types of soil that in combination with weak fertilization provides low vintages of the high quality grapes. The Ježevac Hill is uniquely characteristic by its structure as the soil on this location are the poorest in humus, and the richest in stone. The southern exposed are strictly selected to host rows of vine in direction north-south. Well airing that prevail in the Oplenac vineyards greatly contribute to the grape quality especially to varieties of Pinot noar and Rhine Riesling. The elevation of Aleksandrovac vineyards is between 250 and 350 meters – Vinča village about 300meters, Ježevac 300-350 meters, and Bokanja 250-350 meters. Quality of wines is of utmost importance, while the viticulture and business philosophy of the Aleksandrović Winery is deeply rooted to the principle of handwork production.

The area of Oplenac where the Aleksandrovic Winery is located was always famous for the grape growing and wine production, but also for the rich historical heritage. Only few kilometers from the Aleksandrovic Winery is the Royal Mausoleum of the Karađorđević Family, the Kraljevska vinarija – Royal Winery and the Karađorđev grad museum complex dedicated to Karadjordje, the leader of the First Serbian Uprising.

Grapes and wines of the Aleksandrović Winery are handled with great attention, love and respect. To get the full and optimal maturity in production only the best grapes to be picked up by hands are left in vines. In this process which lasts about a year, diligent hands of wine growers touch the vine more than 15 times. Vintage is lowered from 5 kg to 1 or 1,5 kg as only the best grapes are picked that provide the highest quality wines. Wines are kept and monitored in the wine cellars with the same dedication, by usage of the most modern technology and equipment, and following the international trends and scientific knowledge and tradition of generations that made the Aleksandrović Winery the leader among wine producers in the Balkans, awarded a number of prizes for quality at the most important international wine competitions. As result, wines of the Aleksandrović Winery are found in the International Wine Museum in Bordeaux, in the wine lists of the most prestigious hotels and restaurants in Japan, China, Russia, West Europe to the USA.

The Trijumf Gold wine is very intense and complex wine in which dominate flavors of elder-flower, citrus, white flowers, peach, mint and tropical fruits. It is rich, strong wine, of distinguished freshness and acid, with long lasting aroma of grape, lime, green pepper, and in finish the creamy tones and a touch of vanilla flavor. The Trijumf Gold wine best goes with sea food, sea and river fish, white meats, and roasted piglet, beef and lamb. Best is served at the temperature between 10 – 12ºC.

The Trijumf Noir wine of the Aleksandović Winery comes from flavors of red fruits, spices and a nuance of vanilla and coconut. Taste is fulfilled, rich and soft with vibrating and refreshing wave of fruit acids that create a long-lasting finish. The Triumf Noir wine is best served with smoked meat, all kind of red meats, especially with forest mushrooms, tartar beef steak, roasted beef and lamb, game, roasted turkey and duck, game birds (quail, partridge, pheasant); roasted chicken, chicken liver roasted in bacon, semi-hard and hard cheese of strong texture (edamer, ementhaler, apenceler, kachkaval….). Served at temperature from 16 – 18ºC, after five years of aging, with mandatory decanting.

The Trijumf Barrique wine of the Aleksandrović Winery features rich and creamy-fruity flavor with soft acidity intersected with rich fruit flavors that provide an extraordinary long finish. The full balance of acids, and oak and grape characteristics. This wine best goes with sea food, sea and river fish, chicken, game bird ans dishes prepared of salmon and pasta with hard matured cheese. Best if served at the temperature from 12 – 14ºC.

The Trijumf Late Harvest wine is concentrated wine rich in typical flavor of a wile rose, traced with distinguished flavors or honey, fig, herbs and tropical fruits. When sampled it is fresh, with excellent balance of acids and sugar, and intense and long lasting aromatic complex. The Trijumf Late Harvest wine best goes with all kinds of pies and cakes, especially with cakes with vanilla and white chocolate. Served at the temperature 10 – 12ºC.

Sparkling Trijumf Noir wine of the Aleksandrović Winery features elegance intersected with intense fruity flavors. Fresh when sampled, encircled with herbs flavors in finish. The Trijumf Noir wine is excellent as aperitif drink, with salad, starters and fish, served at the temperature of 8 – 10ºC.

The Vizija Selection wine of the Aleksandrović Winery features rich and complex taste with aroma of dried plums and vanilla. It also features flavors of matured forest fruits and herbs. Best goes with white meats, roasted piglet or beef, pasta with meat and tomato, slowly cooked game, but ideal if served with slowly cooked turkey, piglet cooked under a pot or beef prepared in the same way. To be served at the temperature 16 – 18ºC, after five years of aging, decanting mandatory

The Regent Reserve wine of the Aleksandrović Winery is of distinguished cranberry and blackberry flavors with the warm tones of roasted dried plums and discrete note of mint. Intense fruity and refreshing tannin flavors in finish. Best goes with all kinds of meats, especially with roasted and grilled meats, ideal with smoked ham, strong pasta and meat pies, risotto with Parmesan cheese, cold roasted piglet, lamb, game goulash, hot sausages, medium roasted beef steaks and matured hard cheese. To be served at the temperature of 16 – 18ºC, after five years of aging, decanting mandatory.

The Trijumf Rose wine of the Aleksandrović features intense aroma of the exotic fruits, and intense and nicely balanced acids that provide this wine freshness and elegance. The Trijumf Rose wine best goes as the aperitif drink, with salads, fish, chicken, turkey and all fat food, sarma, roasted meat, pork legs, sausages, but also with feta and mozzarella cheese. To be served at the temperature of 8 – 10ºC.

The Premium Finesa Rose wine of the Aleksandrović features intense fruity flavors of strawberry and raspberry and weak flavor of apricot and peach. When sampled it is light and extraordinary fresh wine due to large quantity of pleasant acids. Premium Finesa wine is excellent as aperitif drink, with salads, fish, chicken and turkey, and best if served at the temperature of 8 – 10ºC.

The Rodoslov Grand Reserve wine of the Aleksandrović Winery features very rich and complex aromatic constitution created by tones of cherry, cranberry and black mulberry, with nuances of black chocolate and tobacco leaves. This wine is extremely extract, and soft taste while tannin are sweet and soft.  Finish is encircled and harmonized, long lasting and fruity, with gentle tones of oak. Rodoslov wine is rich in large option for long aging. Best if served with duck, turkey, grilled and roasted red meats and lam, ideal with roasted turkey or duck, grilled liver, veal, all kinds of beef steaks, all dished prepared of goat and lamb meats, red meats in sauce of red wine. Excellent with chocolate. To be served at the temperature of 16 – 18ºC, after five years of aging, decanting mandatory.

The Euforija wine of the Aleksandrović Winery features sweet aroma of candied fruits with flowery nuances, full and rich taste as a cake, intersected with fruity freshness that lasts long in finish. Best if served with desserts of all kinds of fruits or cheese, ideal with fruit cakes, nut cookies, and cheese with white and blue mold. Best if served at the temperature of 8 – 10ºC.

The Harizma Selection wine of the Aleksandrović is refined aromatic complex created from refreshing fruity tones. When sampled it is rich, and extremely soft and rich in citruses and with fruity finish. The Harizma wine goes best with all kinds of river and sea fish, white meats and white sauces, to be served at the temperature of 10 – 12ºC.

The Trijumf Grappa is transparent and crystal clear, featuring flavor created from nuances of meadow honey, roasted apple and muscat nut that turns into the soft and harmonized and long lasting flavor that remains as energetic composition of freshness, sweet and richness. The Trijumf Grappa is produced from grape varieties that create the Trijumf Selection, and should be served at the temperature of 18 – 22ºC.

The Aleksandrović Winery is opened for wine lovers from all over the world. There are various wine tasting options at the Aleksandrovic Winery, depending on available time and wanted wine quantities – tour of the winery and the wine cellar with curator introduction and glass of sparkling wine, tour of the winery and the wine cellar with curator introduction and tasting of 4 wines with selection of cheese and bread. There is specialized wine shop at the Aleksandrovic Winery where visitors may find all current harvests-vintages of the rich wine offer, as well as the wine equipment. There is opportunity for successful organization of seminars, team building programs, expert lectures and business meetings at the luxuriously appointed modern premises of the Aleksandrović Winery, equipped with 60 chairs, a projector and Wi-Fi. Tasting room features 60 seats, booking for group visit is mandatory with announcement of wine types and quantities to be consumed.