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Jerma River

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Jerma River

The most beautiful canyon in Serbia, the River Jerma Canyon intersects the zone of Vlach Mountains located in the country's southeast part. The Jerma River spring is situated close to the Vlasina Lake, from where it flows direction north-west, along the eastern slopes of Gramada Mountain, passing throug the Klisura village. Jerma River itself flows towards Bulgaria in Strezimirovce, passing through the Trnovsko zdrelo Gorge, creating the most magnificent 15 km- long canyon between the Vlach Mountain /1442 meters/ and Greben mountain peaks /1337 meters/.

The best and most amazing part of Jerma River canyon covers few kilometers between the cliffs by Asenovo kale point and the village of Vlasi, being the only settlement for grey eagles, dominating from the highlights above 1.032 meters. Jerma River is about 65 million years old. Jerma River is remarkably beautiful and clean, at many points of its course spectacularly rich in trout. Jerma River joins Nisava River near the village of Sukovo, 11 km away from town of Dimitrovgrad - Caribrod. Monastery of Saint John the Theologian - known by locals as Poganovo Monastery is located on the left bank of Jerma River, close to Dimitrovgrad. Village of Poganovo is situated in close proximity of the Monastery and is surrounded with magic natural ambiance.

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